February 23, 2015
'General Hospital' Spoilers: Spencer's Life Is In Peril, Nikolas Struggles

What can fans expect from General Hospital this week? There have been some big reveals in recent episodes and fans are hoping for some significant progress this week. Do General Hospital spoilers hint at any big developments?

According to She Knows Soaps, Nikolas is going to be feeling a lot of stress over knowing that Jake is really Jason Morgan. Helena has sworn him to secrecy and made a lot of threats about what will happen if he tells anybody, but he's going to be struggling with the knowledge.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that on Monday's show, Nathan will worry about Maxie's commitment while Sonny has some doubts about Jake. He will ask Shawn to watch Jake. As for Jake, he will be feeling disappointed that the surgery didn't bring his memories back to him, the "Official Morgan Corinthos" Facebook page reveals.

Spencer's birthday party takes place, and he's orchestrated quite the big entrance. He will get a big moment with Emma in Tuesday's show, but it seems that they both could be in great danger. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Liz will be confronted by Ric over Jake. In addition, Alexis is still thinking about what Ned claimed, surely about his assertion that he is the father of Olivia's baby.

It seems that the danger will catch up to Spencer and possibly Emma on Wednesday's show. Will they be okay? Duke puts out an olive branch for Julian and Maxie is stunned by a big, romantic gesture. During Thursday's show Liz will see Nikolas acting quite upset and she tries to calm him.

Silas has a secret he's trying to keep under cover while Nina gets some news that she's happy about. At the end of the week, Jake has a dream that may bring new revelations, and Franco and Nina open up to one another with a confession. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Michael will kick his plan into gear.

This week viewers will see Sam try to smooth things over with Jake while Sonny and Ric come together. Anna continues to try to expose Kyle's misdeeds while Patrick and Nikolas will be scrambling to save Spencer and Emma.

Will there be any progress on the Luke situation? General Hospital spoilers indicate that Bobbie, Lulu and Tracy will turn to a professional to try to figure out what's really going on. Also ahead, Franco will have an unexpected visitor.

Will Spencer and Emma be all right after this big week? Will Nikolas reveal the truth about Jake to anybody? Tune in to General Hospital airing weekdays on ABC to see just how it all plays out this week.

[Image via We Love Soaps]