Raining Money Dubai: Cash Falls From The Sky, Baffles Pedestrians [Video]

It was raining money in Dubai earlier this month, and people couldn’t believe it. According to the Express, “wads of cash” went flying one afternoon, leaving pedestrians astonished. People who were driving down the street stopped to get out of their cars to see what was actually happening. Some chose to pick the money up off the ground (yes, it was real money), while others chose to whip out their cell phones and start recording.

According to Mail Online, the money was just blowing in the wind, and it looked like it was raining money. Given the richness that the city boasts, something like this seems like it could totally happen, even if it is seriously strange. The more obvious explanation is, however, that someone probably dropped a boatload of cash, and the wind did the rest of the work.

“The notes were carried by strong winds through the Jumeirah area of Dubai for several minutes, but locals have got no idea where it came from.”

While many took advantage of the raining money in Dubai, that’s not what happened when money spilled out on to the streets of Detroit, Michigan, last summer. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, an armored truck dumped money on to the street — but no one dared to pick it up — they would have gotten arrested.

“The truck was coming off the freeway when its doors unexpectedly opened and then the money bags fell out. I can think of 2 other times in Detroit when this happened. Just like the other times there were people around to pick up the bags.”

[Photo courtesy of YouTube]