Jenelle Evans Gets Compared To Miley Cyrus After Revealing New Look

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans may have some dedicated fans who support her in everything she does, but she also has a large following who just wants to see her fail. Jenelle is often a stubborn mother, who has no problem sharing her thoughts with people who want to see her change. And with a past of drug abuse and an endless list of mugshots, Evans is an easy target for mocking.

On a previous episode of Teen Mom, Jenelle Evans tried to convince her lawyer that she had to go to a Ke$ha concert instead of keeping her appointments to avoid jail time. And even though Jenelle isn’t a big a Ke$ha fan anymore, she is indeed a Miley Cyrus fan. She joins the fan base alongside Kailyn Lowry, Javi Marroquin, and Chelsea Houska.

According to a new tweet, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans recently revealed a new look and it was apparently one that made people think of Miley Cyrus. Evans wasn’t sitting with her tongue out or sitting on a wrecking ball, but she did try a different makeup which gave her a more mature look. And without her glasses, Jenelle did look slightly like Miley.

“Just because..” Jenelle Evans tweeted while sharing a new picture of herself, which had one follower replying, “I thought you were Miley Cyrus for a second.”

“Lol that’s what someone just told me on Facebook,” Jenelle replied, revealing that several people had actually seen the resemblance between Evans and one of her favorite singers, Miley Cyrus.

Maybe Jenelle Evans is trying to change things up a bit as she is going through some rough times. Not only did she recently break up with Nathan on Twitter to only later take him back, but Jenelle is also fighting for custody over her son, Jace. According to the Inquisitr, Evans decided to delete the accusations that Nathan was cheating on her, and while she didn’t say what brought them back together, they were soon celebrating Valentine’s Day.

As for her mother, Jenelle Evans wants her son Jace to live with her, Nathan, and little Kaiser. But Jace has been calling Barbara “mom,” which doesn’t sit well with Evans. Jenelle has been trying to get her son back for months, but the custody battle has hit a standstill.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans’ channeling her inner Miley Cyrus? Do you like her new look?

[Image via Twitter]