‘Bachelorette’ 2015 Lead Speculation: Sean Lowe Notes ‘Only Viable Option’

As the finale for ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season with Chris Soules draws near, speculation regarding The Bachelorette 2015 spring season is ramping up. ABC has not yet made a decision regarding their pick, but former Bachelor star Sean Lowe is talking about which lady he sees as the likely choice. Does he think it will be Britt Nilsson, Kaitlyn Bristowe, or someone else?

Lowe chatted with Dish Nation and he said he thinks it will be a bit of a tough decision. He added, though, that if he had to guess, he would say it will probably be the Canadian girl who tells the vulgar jokes. That would of course be Kaitlyn Bristowe. Sean says that in his mind, she is really the “only viable option.”

Sean went on to joke that it would be great television if ABC would choose Kelsey Poe, which is a valid point considering her seemingly fake panic attack and overly confident nature. However, Bachelorette fans can surely breathe easily knowing that Kelsey will not be the 2015 lead.

Reality Steve‘s spoilers from early on indicated that he thought the gig would go to Britt Nilsson, but fans haven’t been so sure given the recent editing. Not long ago, Sean tweeted that in his opinion, the editing in these past few episodes have definitely indicated that Britt will not be The Bachelorette 2015 star.

At this point it is said to be down to Britt and Kaitlyn. The “Women Tell All” special was taped over the weekend in Los Angeles, and the network was surely going to gauge the reactions to both women with the audience. If Britt was well-received and came off well in her “hot seat” segment, she may well still get the opportunity. She’s made it pretty clear she’s interested.

While there is a large contingent of Bachelor fans who would love to see Britt get the gig, the buzz is building over considering Kaitlyn instead. According to Bachelor spoilers, as fans will see one way or another on Monday night’s show, Bristowe supposedly ends up in a very attractive spot for getting the Bachelorette opportunity.

Fans won’t know for a bit yet whether the Bachelorette 2015 gig goes to Britt Nilsson, Kaitlyn Bristowe, or someone else, as ABC is expected to make the announcement during the “After the Final Rose” special in March. However, filming begins right after Chris Soules’ finale and the network starts taping some segments with the lead about two weeks before that limo introduction night. That means that the network will make a decision shortly and surely Reality Steve‘s spoilers will let the cat out of the bag very soon.

Will Sean Lowe’s prediction that Kaitlyn Bristowe becomes ABC’s The Bachelorette 2015 lead come to fruition? For now fans will have to stay tuned, but a decision is coming soon.

[Photo by Tommasso Boddi/Getty Images]