Adorable Video Shows Big Dog Walking A Small Dog With Leash [Video]

An adorable video of a white labrador retriever walking a dachshund with a leash has gone viral. The two doggie friends can be seen walking side-by-side while the labrador holds the dachshund’s leash in his mouth.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by user Levi Pounds just four days ago, but has already reached over 345,000 views as of the time of this posting. The video description says that the older labrador thinks it is his job to walk the smaller pooch.

“An old while lab thinks it’s his responsibility to walk the dachshund.”

The video begins with two humans and a group of dogs walking in the snow. The larger white labrador can be seen with a leash in his mouth. On the other end of the leash is a small dachshund wearing a doggie coat. The dogs begin to prance along in the snow, with the dachshund walking next to the veteran walker, the labrador. It is unclear whether the labrador is attempting to help the little guy or if he thinks it is amusing.

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Do you have a dog that thinks it is his responsibility to walk another dog, or does your pet have other human-like skills? What interesting thing can your pet do? Let us know in the comments.