Adam Lind Custody Update: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Visits Daughter In Hospital

Adam Lind of Teen Mom 2 has not always been viewed as the best dad. In fact, he is reportedly involved in a custody battle with the mother of his second child. The two reportedly faced off in court, and while the results of the hearing were not revealed, Adam has been able to see his daughter since the two faced off in court. Prior to the hearing, he had reportedly not seen his daughter in two months.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Adam Lind and Taylor Halbur’s daughter, Paislee, broke her arm. However, it was unclear how the little girl ended up with a pink cast, but now the details are known. Not only that, but The Ashley reports that Adam was indeed at the hospital with his daughter after she suffered the injury.

Adam posted a photo of himself with Paislee in the hospital on his Facebook page. While he didn’t reveal anything else about the incident, Taylor Halbur did explain how the little girl got hurt.

Neither Taylor nor Adam has yet to discuss the custody agreement, but Adam Lind’s recent legal troubles may have played a part. After troubles with his ex-girlfriend, Brooke Beaton, Lind had a restraining order against him. However, that order was dropped and he faced domestic stalking charges. On February 4, Lind answered to those charges and the case was dismissed.

Reports from late last year suggested that Chelsea Houska and Taylor Halbur were setting aside their differences for their children.

“Chelsea and Taylor are putting aside their differences because they both want the best for their kids. They don’t trust Adam and are concerned about the recent series of events in his life. Taylor has damning information about Adam to tell Chelsea. They know they will catch him in so many lies.”

While it is unclear if the two ladies have yet teamed up, it is clear that some moves are being made regarding custody. Teen Mom 2 is set to return later this year and with the cast currently filming, the custody struggles will likely be a storyline. Chelsea Houska will also be back with her new boyfriend, Cole. It is unclear if Taylor Halbur will appear on the show for its sixth season.

Adam Lind will be back on the show, although it is unclear how big of a role he will have. An air date for the sixth season has not yet been set.

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