Craig Robinson Says He Owes His Hollywood Success To ‘The Office’

In recent years, Craig Robinson has enjoyed a fruitful Hollywood career through huge projects like This Is The End, where he appeared alongside James Franco and Seth Rogen, and Hot Tub Time Machine with John Cusack. His upcoming movie, Hot Tub Time Machine 2, is set to open in theaters this year and has already generated buzz among fans of the 43-year-old actor. But none of us would really know Robinson today if it wasn’t for the big success of a TV show called The Office.

In the sitcom, Craig played Darryl Philbin, Dunder Mifflin’s warehouse foreman and office singer extraordinaire (sorry Andy).

This week, Robinson graced reddit’s AMA to discuss his upcoming movie. He also talked about his role in The Office, which he described as the character that “introduced him to the world.” Here are some of the most intriguing questions in his recent AMA.

Redditor kylethewild asked, “What do you miss most about playing Darryl and being a part of The Office? I’d imagine it was very emotional while shooting the finale.”

Craig Robinson answered, “Darryl, I miss Darryl and everythin’ about playing him. It was the character that pretty much introduced me to the world. So yea, it was very emotional, and just the fun of being entertained on-set everyday by those caliber actors, and being counted as one, was awesome.But I am headed into a new venture with NBC called ‘Mr. Robinson,’ so Darryl has propelled me to that height.”

Redditor dmwe225 asked, “Craig, who do you think is going to end up winning the throne in Game of Thrones? Would you want to act in a serious drama like that?”

Robinson, who apparently also watches Game of Thrones(who doesn’t), answered, “Lannisters, is my hope! Because, first of all, I wish what’shisname would come back, the one they killed. But I mean, Lannisters just seem so noble – wait, no, it’s the Starks, yeah. That’s what I meant. I’m like, one episode into the second season. I’m really behind! I need to do some binge-ing! And yes, I’d love to act in something like Game of Thrones. Absolutely. [sic]”

Redditor ThisBeBre asked, “I was wondering how you personally feel about all the people you get coming up to you when you’re just trying to enjoy a drink, a smoke, or a sandwich? You always seem to get tons of attention. [sic]”

Robinson answered, “You know, I know where the people are coming from, you know? I feel it’s like little flowers blooming everywhere, when they come say hello. And for the most part, you know, people respect when you’re eating, or stuff like that, so it’s cool.”

Read the rest of Craig Robinson’s AMA here.

Watch the trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine 2 below.

[Image from Jason Kempin/Getty Images]