Walking Dead: Lauren Cohan Talks About How Maggie Greene Is Going To Deal With Beth’s Death

The Walking Dead‘s Lauren Cohan took some time Sunday night to answer questions from fans before the new episode aired. She talked about friendships on the Walking Dead set, working with Andrew Lincoln, Eugene’s mullet, and about Maggie’s direction in upcoming episodes.

Here’s some of what Cohan had to say in her Walking Dead Q&A.

About how Maggie is doing in the wake of Beth’s death:

Speaking of Glenn, played on Walking Dead by Steven Yeun, what does Cohan have to say about this co-star?

That doesn’t mean she’s anxious for Glenn to be killed off though.

She answered questions about another Walking Dead co-star too: Andrew Lincoln, who plays former police officer and current group leader, Rick Grimes.

Next up on the chopping block: Eugene Porter, played on Walking Dead by Josh McDermitt. Well, actually, it’s not Eugene on the chopping block — just his mullet. What does Cohan think of that?

So, while she’s dishing on her co-stars, who is Lauren’s favorite to work with?

Cohan answered other questions too — she memorizes her lines best by acting them out, has cried while watching The Walking Dead — “very often!” — and the one thing she couldn’t live without is sunshine, before she signed off as The Walking Dead S5E11 began for East Coast audiences. She left her fans with directions to watch the episode and see what’s going to happen with the show’s newest character, Aaron.

(Speaking of seeing what’s coming up, a South African television station seems to have accidentally aired the preview for next week, which shouldn’t have shown until after tonight’s episode.)

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]