WWE ‘Fastlane’ Recap And Results: A Star Returns, Sting Answers, And Who Will Face Brock Lesnar At WrestleMania?

There is only one month until WWE WrestleMania 31, and the biggest event leading up to it was WWE Fastlane. The main event would determine if Daniel Bryan or Roman Reigns would go on to face Brock Lesnar for the WWE Title. Sting appeared in a WWE ring to confront Triple H. Titles were on the line. What all exactly happened? Read on for the full recap and all the results from the debut of WWE Fastlane.

For a great card and the possibility of making this a great night of matches, it sure didn’t deliver on every level as it could have.

fastlane reigns bryan

This was actually a much better match than many people were expecting, and it was pretty much just put in place to make Daniel Bryan fans happy. He ended up carrying Roman Reigns to a good match, and Reigns looked like a serious powerhouse, but the ending won’t please many people.

Reigns rolled through the second attempt at the YES Lock by Bryan and kept beating on him. Bryan then got in several kicks of his own and went for Knee Plus, but Reigns popped up and nailed a spear for the win.

Winner: Roman Reigns

wwe fastlane results

Rusev comes out and just begins destroying John Cena, but not in the same Brock Lesnar-type of beating. Both men just continue beating one another down until Lana gets in the ring as Cena tries to slam Rusev. As the ref gets her out, Rusev low blows Cena, kicks him in the face, and locks in the Accolade.

Cena eventually passes out and Rusev gets the win.

Winner: Rusev

Druids light torches and walk out as a casket is wheeled to the ring. As the lid is lifted, Bray Wyatt emerges and asks the fans if they can feel it because he can “feel him.” Wyatt talks about “his soul” being lost, and that it is his mission to go to WrestleMania and claim the soul of The Undertaker.

wwe fastlane results

This was actually quite a fantastic match that saw both Bad News Barrett and Dean Ambrose play to their strengths. Ambrose ended up being disqualified due to the fact that he wouldn’t listen to the ref and kept stomping away at BNB. Ambrose ends up grabbing the title as he’s disqualified and leaves with it.

That was a horrible ending. Sure, it will continue the feud and set up a stolen title storyline — Austin/Rock anyone? — and lead to another match at WrestleMania.

Winner and Still Champ: Bad News Barrett

wwe fastlane results

This was a rather dull match between the two as Nikki held the advantage for most of it. Paige got a few big moves in, and then went for the PTO and the win. That was when Nikki used a distraction to roll up Paige for a fluke win and to keep her title.

Winner and Still Champ: Nikki Bella

Face-Off — Triple H Calls Out Sting

Triple H enters the ring and calls out Sting, who finally walks out and enters the ring for the face-off. Trips goes off on Sting, saying he knows he “is WCW,” and says he will put Sting in the Hall of Fame if he just leaves. Trips then hits Sting, but “The Vigilante” fights back and the men go toe-to-toe with a baseball bat and a sledgehammer.

Sting points at the WrestleMania sign and Triple H says it will be Sting’s funeral. As Sting walks away, Trips attacks again but Sting gets him with the bat. He looks again at the big sign before hitting Triple H with a Scorpion Death Drop.

wwe fastlane results

This was a really great match that saw back and forth action. The challengers took control first with Cesaro’s strength before the Usos made a comeback and start beating down Tyson Kidd. At the end, Jimmy and Cesaro are battling it out on the floor. Jey stops Cesaro from entering the ring and it allows Kidd to hit him with a fisherman’s neckbreaker for the titles.

Winners and New Champs: Brass Ring Club

Goldust is talking to Dusty backstage again, and Stardust walks up laughing. He them slams him into an equipment case and yells at both him and his father. Stardust tells Dusty it was his fault for sending him a bag of bones a WWE Attitude Era reject. The feud continues.

wwe fastlane results

Goldust starts things out looking for a handshake from his brother, but Stardust slaps it away. The match goes back and forth, but there wasn’t much to it. Stardust is in different ring gear this evening, but it doesn’t help him much. As Stardust is going for Dark Matter, Goldust hits a snapmare and rolls him up for the win.

Winner: Goldust

Dusty Rhodes meets up with Goldust backstage to talk about family and says he loves both of his sons.

After the match, J&J Security comes out to join in a beatdown of the faces by The Authority. All of a sudden, Randy Orton returns and makes the save to take out everyone. He even drills Mercury with an RKO as he’s coming off the top rope. Orton goes after Seth Rollins, but he runs away, and this sets up their WrestleMania match.

wwe fastlane results

The opener has The Authority taking on the three former fired guys, and the fans are hot for the faces. Pretty good six-man tag opener and it ends in a flurry. Big Show knocks out Dolph Ziggler from the floor while the ref isn’t looking, and Kane makes the pin.

Winner: Seth Rollins, Big Show, and Kane

With the end of Fastlane, the road to WrestleMania 31 is a straight one, with just over a month to go. It’s set to be the biggest wrestling event of the year yet again, and fans will flock to it, but will they be happy? There is a lot of build-up that still will happen for the next few weeks, and it looks like they will be fun.

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