‘Revenge’ Spoilers, Return Date: When Does Season 4 Begin Again With The Episode Titled ‘Bait’?

Fans of Revenge are anxious for Season 4 to resume, though they have a bit of a wait yet. When does the Season 4, Episode 15 show air? What Revenge spoilers are available for this next new episode?

ABC brings Revenge back on Sunday, March 8, for the episode titled “Bait.” The show’s Facebook page teases the top moments that have taken place so far during Season 4 as it confirms the return date, and viewers can only imagine what lies ahead.

Though it will be a couple of weeks yet before the next new episode airs, there are some Revenge spoilers available. ABC teases that during “Bait,” Margaux will use her ammunition against both Jack and Emily. As a result, the friendship between Emily and Jack will take a turn. Viewers have learned a lot about Margaux as this season has played out, but now Emily will be seeing the woman’s true colors.

In addition, Victoria will learn the real reason behind Natalie’s decision to return to the Hamptons. Photos from ABC indicate that there will be a bit of Emily and Ben together, but the Revenge spoiler preview seems to indicate that Jack is going to lay it all on the line by telling Emily that she’s always been “the one” for him. Will she reciprocate his feelings? How will Margeaux’s moves in this episode impact Emily and Jack?

About a third of Season 4 remains to be aired yet this spring, so there is plenty of time for twists, turns and drama. There have already been quite a few major developments, particularly Daniel’s death, and fans have already seen a bit of the fall-out from that in the shows that aired after the holiday break. What more does the show have in store for viewers? Folks can only imagine.

Though there are still quite a few episodes to go before the end of Season 4, fans are already buzzing about the possibility of Season 5. The network has made no formal announcements yet regarding either a renewal or a cancellation. At this point, TVLine lists it as a show that could go either way. While viewers have their theories about where the show could head from here, others wonder if perhaps by the end of this season it will have run its course.

What happens next for Jack and Emily? Will they finally head down the romantic road or will Margaux’s moves drive them apart? Fans will find out one way or the other when the Season 4, Episode 15 show of Revenge titled “Bait” airs on Sunday, March 8 on ABC.

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