Justin Bartha: Was ‘Hangover’ Star Drinking Before Hitting On Jill Martin In This Cringe-Inducing Interview?

Justin Bartha Interviewed By Jill Martin: It Doesn't Go Well

Justin Bartha, star of the Hangover series and the National Treasure movies, was at total ease with interviewer Jill Martin for her “A New York Minute” segment at a recent NBA game.

In fact, he was too at ease because from almost the moment he opens his mouth, he spends the next minute and a half hitting on the embarrassed Martin.

At one point, Martin asks Justin about the Oscars and what his favorite to win Best Picture is. After picking American Sniper, he starts talking about Bradley Cooper’s performance and how Jill “really needs to stop texting” about Bradley.

Martin looks believably clueless at the comment and then spends the next minute or so trying to get Bartha back on point. In a desperate effort, she asks him about the possibility of a Hangover 4, to which he says there is “no possibility, but I don’t know, maybe you and I could do something.”

He then mentions Cooper again, and Martin realizes that she’d better wrap it up. At one point, he also puts his arm around her, which doesn’t look welcomed at all.

This is one Justin Bartha interview that many of his fans will find painful to watch, but don’t take my word for it. Have a look.

Some commenters have called the display “really awkward” and noted how “uncomfortable” Jill felt around Justin.

Others came out and mentioned the proverbial elephant in the room — “He looked like he had too much to drink?” — and still others lamented the fact that even though it was a minute and a half, Jill had to be subjected to it.

“Well that was a disturbing ‘interview,’ yet definitely distracting from a terrible basketball game… Maybe you should give your interviewees a breathalyzer test before you interview them… Perhaps he will have a ‘hangover’ tomorrow and apologize for his obnoxiousness, lol… You deserve better Jill… E gadz.”

As of this post, Bartha has not apologized, and it’s not clear whether he’s sobered up. It will be interesting to see what Justin’s wife, Lia Smith, will have to say about the footage.

The two were married on January 4, 2014, and Lia gave birth to their daughter on April 13.

What say you, readers? Was Justin Bartha out of line in the interview shown above? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via screengrab]