WWE News: WWE NXT Diva Charlotte Coming To The Main Roster Soon To Feud With WWE Diva Paige?

As expected for some time, many of the major stars from WWE NXT will be coming up to the main roster soon. The only issue with this is “when” not “if” they will appear. One person who might be seen quicker than most is WWE NXT Diva Charlotte. The daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair has been extremely impressive in her time with NXT. Not only has she held the WWE NXT Women’s Championship, she has also been involved in some of the best matches in NXT history.

Go figure — a woman who puts on matches with other women that can go against any of the male matches. Yet this is developmental and not the main roster, where the better talent is supposed to be. This has led to many, such as The Bella Twins, to tell the NXT ladies that they may not want to come up because they won’t get to do what they do in developmental on the main roster. For whatever stupid reason that is, they are correct.

WWE does not give ladies much time at all to wrestle, but when they have, the women have proven that they can put on relatively good matches. The issue is that they cannot do it as often as WWE would like. So it is not shocking to see WWE writers not allowing much time for women. This has sent many, such as former WWE Diva’s Champion Paige, into a bit of a frenzy. She has proven she was capable of great matches for years now.

Some, however, think that Paige has shown some jealousy of Charlotte. In a few quotes, Paige has said that Charlotte is not ready for the main roster. Between this and the Bella comments, many think that the main roster talent fears the ladies of NXT because they are capable of taking their spots. Charlotte is a great wrestler and mic worker, and would be capable of the top Divas spot immediately.

This led to Charlotte “responding” to Paige’s recent comments to the International Business Times on Twitter, as she favorited these tweets from fans.

“the reason @RealPaigeWWE doesnt want @MsCharlotteWWE coming up to the main roster before sasha is because charlotte is a bigger threat.”

“@RealPaigeWWE has been talking smack huh? Well, Do it with #Flair shut her down. #RunIn #FastLane #DivasTitle.”

Paige AJ

Paige responded to this.

“Some ppl need to be humbled.. Keep favoriting those tweets sweetie. Took me nearly 10 yrs to get here, blood, sweat and tears.

“I love how people instantly jumps to conclusions too. It’s literally the most entertaining thing.”

While we can assume that since WWE Fast Lane and a run-in was said online, it probably won’t happen. We can break down the thought that WWE is considering a Paige/Charlotte rivalry, however.

This never really had the opportunity to go down long when Paige was with WWE NXT before. Charlotte really rose up after Paige left as it opened a spot for her and other girls. Plus, WWE brought in various women, and now many of them have learned a lot and have the ability to consistently show greatness. The Fatal Four Way for the NXT Women’s Title at NXT Takeover: Rival proved this.

Charlotte is no stranger to WWE RAW, however, as she appeared once before to take on WWE Diva Natalya in a losing effort. Many believe this was a Vince McMahon decision and one that was not supported by Triple H, who wanted Charlotte to win her debut match. Most would imagine WWE will try and put off that when Charlotte makes her next appearance on RAW, which will be spoken about as her “real debut.” While idiotic, this will most likely happen.

Whether Paige really agrees with Charlotte coming up soon or not, the fact is that she is. Another fact is that it seems she will be coming up to take on Paige, as the story is already built up. One would imagine that Charlotte will be seen after WrestleMania 31 takes place, but she could very well appear beforehand.

[IMG Credits: Charlotte-Flair.com, Sports Keeda]