Take A Ride On The World’s Fastest Roller Coaster, Which Reaches Speeds Of Up To 149 Miles Per Hour! [Video]

For most theme park thrill-seekers, finding the next roller coaster is mandatory during vacations. Said rides being the tallest, craziest, or widest by such patrons isn’t a title to be feared, but a challenge to be conquered. The Inquisitr understands these thrill-seekers’ needs, reporting on the latest roller coaster news. Apparently, the world’s tallest roller coaster will be built in Orlando, Florida, which scales all 570 feet of the SkyPlex Tower. Nevertheless, that is a far more practical roller coaster to ride than the one designed by Julijonas Urbonas. His coaster is designed to kill people.

Still, most people usually link roller coasters to height and the angle of the initial drop. What about speed? Well if a thrill-seeker is a speed freak, they’ll need to head over to Abu Dhabi where the world’s fastest roller coaster is located. Just how fast does this roller coaster go? It’s max speed is clocked in at 149 miles per hour! Not only that, but the clocked speed is right before the initial drop.

According to both Flixxy and Bear Tales, the world’s fastest roller coaster is called the “Formula Rossa” in a theme park called Ferrari World, which is — as mentioned earlier — located in Abu Dhabi. What is unique is the theme park itself is specifically located on Yas Island, the setting that will host the nineteenth and final round of the Formula 1 World Championships. Seems like they’re trying to fit to a certain theme right?

The video above shows what it looks like, in the first-person view, ride in the front seat. The 149 miles per hour speed is actually attained in a spring at the beginning of the ride before the coaster hits its first climb. After that, it is somewhat of a smooth ride back to the beginning. Take note of the absence of loops or major twists. The reason for this design is so the roller coaster keeps a decently fast speed until the end of the ride. Roller coasters depend on momentum to move forward and loops and twists (though fun to experience) shall hinder said momentum.

Probably the best presentation of the high speeds the “Formula Rossa” coaster reaches is through a video showing Ferrari F1 drivers, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, in the front seat. It should be recognized they’re wearing protective glasses. The “Formula Rossi” goes so fast, any debris that hits their eyes during the coaster’s initial sprint can prove damaging or at least extremely uncomfortable. Second, during the initial sprint itself, look at how their facial skin seems to peel back from the force of the air hitting their faces. That should give you a good idea how it must feel to ride the world’s fastest roller coaster.

From what you’ve seen in the videos above, would you like to ride the “Formula Rossa,” better known as the World’s Fastest Roller Coaster? For thrill-seekers, does the fact that the roller coaster lacks loops and twists contribute to your desire to ride it, or would you put that aside to simply experience the speed?

[Featured Image via Formula Rossa Promotions]