Steve Carell As 2015 Oscar Winner For Best Lead Actor?

Steve Carell is best are known for making comedies. In Foxcatcher, the Oscar-nominated film certainly takes Steve out of his element. Yet, he performs exceptionally well. Could Carell walk away with an Oscar for best lead actor?

Throughout Steve’s career, his sense of humor has amused fans and viewers on and off screen.

Likewise, he has various comedic styles, all of which he executes efficiently. However, Carell’s serious roles have been “few and far between.”

Though that may be the case, Steve — according to the Santa Barbara International Film Festival — had the most outstanding performance of the year in Foxcatcher. Similarly, for the same film, Carell also won the Creative Impact in Acting award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival and the Special Distinction award at the Independent Spirits Awards — not to mention wins from the Hollywood Movie Awards and the Gotham Awards, along with a slew of nominations from several other awards.

Many people say that it was almost creepy the way Steve naturally played his part. Since the film, Carell has been receiving negative feedback as well, though. Somewhat, the similar type of feedback Sir Anthony Hopkins received after Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal.

Sadly though, while Anthony and Martha Stewart were together, she ended the relationship with him because she couldn’t get his character out of her head after she saw the movie. Hopefully, Steve doesn’t have any similar inconveniences due to the nature of his movie role.

So, with all the hype and already-received-awards for his movie performance, maybe Carell is a shoe-in for the “best lead” Oscar.

Steve Carell In Foxcatcher - Walks in Holding a Gun
Credits: YouTube | ‘Foxcatcher’
Insane scene when Steve Carell walks into the gym with a revolver.

What are your thoughts about Steve’s movie and character? Was he too much for your “Carell” taste? Share your thoughts.

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