WWE Rumor: The Undertaker Will Return At ‘Fastlane’

The Undertaker Will Face Off With Bray Wyatt

The Undertaker could be getting ready to make a return sooner rather than later.

A new rumor going around the internet, reported here by Cageside Seats, indicates that WWE will have the Deadman make an “unexpected” return on Sunday night (February 22).

There have been hints and speculation for the last month that Bray Wyatt’s crazy rants are about the Undertaker and that it’s all leading to a match at WrestleMania 31. I’m not sure, if this rumor is true, whether the “surprise” element will be there should the lights go out and the Undertaker make his way to ringside.

After all, if ‘Taker is expected to work at WrestleMania, the company is going to have to start setting up the feud yesterday. Fastlane is the last pay-per-view before the grandest stage of all hits the airwaves on March 29.

And with dwindling Raw ratings — many fans opt to keep up with story developments via spoilers and just watch PPVs — it’s likely that any development between next Monday and WrestleMania 31 will have a lesser impact if the Undertaker fails to return at Sunday night’s show.

The Phenom has been absent from WWE programming since being defeated and having his streak retired at WrestleMania 30. That’s when Brock Lesnar gave him multiple F5s and got the clean victory in front of a shocked live audience (and the hundreds of thousands watching at home).

Lesnar has since picked up the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, a title he will be defending at WM31 against the winner of Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan’s match (though a triple-threat is also likely).

WWE does have one contingency plan should the Undertaker not be able to perform at WrestleMania, and that’s Randy Orton. Backstage word is that he’s been ready to come back for some time, but they’ve been holding him back for the right moment.

With ‘Taker’s health in question, Orton would be a solid replacement, though he has a deeper, more involved history with Seth Rollins, and that matchup at WrestleMania would make more sense.

As of now, it’s all up in the air, but I did want to keep you guys updated about some of the possible developments you’ll see this Sunday at Fastlane.

What do you think? Would it better serve the Undertaker to return sooner rather than later? And do you think he’ll be in any shape to go with a guy like Bray Wyatt? Or would Orton make a better choice? Share your thoughts below.