‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Anthrax’s Scott Ian And Another Major Death?

The Walking Dead has to compete in ratings with the Oscars this Sunday, but Robert Kirkman is keeping fans buzzing with a possible major death spoiler and Anthrax’s Scott Ian announced his upcoming cameo in the zombie apocalypse.

First, let’s dish on the possible death spoiler, as that’s the hot discussion for Walking Dead fans right now. Possible major spoilers lie ahead for the TV series, and a confirmed major spoiler for the comic books, so proceed with caution.

Creator Robert Kirkman has Walking Dead fans in an uproar over comments he made on Chris Hardwick’s @midnight show during a game of what was supposed to be fake spoilers with Lauren Cohan (Maggie) and Josh McDermitt (Eugene). Fashion & Style reports that while Cohan was coming up with silly, fake spoilers, Kirkman blurted out an alleged Walking Dead spoiler straight out of the comic books.

“Eventually a character named Negan is introduced and he’s going to bash in Glenn’s brains with a baseball bat called Lucille,” said Kirkman, with Cohan, McDermitt, and Hardwick shocked into silence.

This is exactly what happens in the comics, although the show deviates frequently from that series. Fans are now trying to figure out if Kirkman was joking or if he gave away a true spoiler because he knew fans wouldn’t believe he’d tell the truth.

Was the shock on the show real or fake? Even if Glenn (Steven Yeun) is going to be killed on The Walking Dead, would Cohan and McDermitt even know about it as the actors themselves don’t find out about deaths till they get the scripts for that episode? Were they simply shocked he gave such a major spoiler from the comics? Were they in on the joke and acting?

You can see why Walking Dead fans are reeling with so many theories. And already reeling from two major deaths in the last three episodes, as Beth (Emily Kinney) was killed in the mid-season finale and Tyreese (Chad Coleman) in the second half premiere.

In somewhat happier news for fans of The Walking Dead, Scott Ian of Anthrax will make a cameo in the March 1 episode, according to Blabbermouth. If you were hoping for an ongoing role, sorry to say Ian will be a walker, as confirmed by photos of him getting the makeup. Although maybe he starts out as human? Walking Dead fans can only hope.

Ian, who is friends with The Walking Dead’s makeup artist, director, and executive producer, Greg Nicotero, also appeared as a walker back in 2011. He’s also a huge fan of horror films, which he revealed is a common phenomenon in the world of metal music.

“They’ve always gone hand in hand. Metal guys are huge nerds.”

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC. So will you be watching the Oscars or The Walking Dead this week?

[Photo by Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC]