Kenya Moore Accused Of Stealing More Than A Phone From ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Set

Kenya Moore Accused Of Stealing More Than A Phone From 'Celebrity Apprentice' Set

Kenya Moore allegedly stole more than Vivica A. Fox’s phone from the set of Celebrity Apprentice. A staffer is accusing the former beauty queen of swiping a prop that she later used during a Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show.

**Update, February 22: Kenya Moore’s representatives have responded and said these allegations are false and that they spoke to execs at Celebrity Apprentice who said Kenya did not take anything from the set.

Apparently while taping this season’s Apprentice, a prop came up missing from the set, says a high-level staffer for the show.

“During filming, we all noticed one of our famous ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ bullhorns used on challenges was missing. We couldn’t find it anywhere. We even talked about the M.I.A. prop on the series, but the segment didn’t air. It was weird, but we just shrugged and moved on.”

In an interview with The Wrap, the staffer says there’s photographic evidence that Moore stole the bullhorn from the set and later used it on national television. The staffer alleges that the missing Apprentice bullhorn is the same exact bullhorn Kenya used to antagonize cast member Porsha Williams during the Season 6 Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion. Moore’s use of the megaphone is one of the many reasons the two housewives ended up in the physical altercation that led to Williams’ arrest.

According to the The Wrap, filming for Season 6’s RHOA reunion started after taping had wrapped for this season’s Celebrity Apprentice.

The staffer has issued a warning to the rest of the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast.

“We were all stunned. She might be a little bit of a klepto… Lock up your belongings when you’re around Kenya, Atlanta girls!”

Moore’s use of the bullhorn is one of the reasons Bravo producer Andy Cohen banned props from being used on the set of reunion tapings.

Neither a Celebrity Apprentice spokesperson nor Moore herself have responded to the allegation.

Of course, the bullhorn is not the only thing the reality TV allegedly stole from the Apprentice set. Vivica A. Fox tells OK! she is still upset with the RHOA star after Moore allegedly stole Fox’s phone and tweeted an embarrassing message on the February 2 episode of this season’s show.

“Trust me, I know she did that. People are like, ‘How could she have gotten into your phone if it was password-protected?’ Well, at the time it wasn’t, because I run a legitimate business and am used to being around people I can trust.”

According to Fox, she has not gotten her phone back.

Kenya Moore maintains there is no proof she hacked into Vivica’s phone and the Kill Bill actress is “off her rocker” for believing she stole the phone.

[Image by Wilford Harewood/Bravo]