Justin Bieber May Feature On A New Song On Soundz’s ‘Like Jordan’ Mixtape [Updated]

Is Justin Bieber About To Drop A Song On Soundz 'Like Jordan' Mixtape?

Update: Over 24 hours after he deliberately posted misleading social media suggesting Justin Bieber was featuring on his upcoming mixtape, Soundz was forced to admit [which he did via Twitter] that the singer is not appearing on his release after fans inundated the producer with queries.

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Hungry for fresh Justin Bieber music? Then you’ll be happy to hear the 20-year-old singer hit up a recording studio with the producer Soundz on Friday night.

Based on the pair’s social media, they may have worked on a new song for Soundz’s Like Jordan mixtape, which drops on February 23.

That said, it should be noted Bieber’s name is absent from the tracklisting. Rather than a whole song, he may have been adding or tightening possible vocals or spoken word to No. 11 on Like Jordan, namely — “Famous Interlude.” He may have done the same on No. 9, pal singer Khalil’s “Made Me” feature. Or none of the above.

For those who may not know, mixtapes are usually free and not put out the same way as artists’ official singles or album commercial releases. If Bieber is featuring on a new song, it’s just one of the 17 cuts on the mixtape which will stream at livemixtape.com on Monday.

However, it is a no-brainer that Soundz will promote the heck out whatever the Canadian has contributed, given his social media presence and profile.

The producer was behind “Out Of Town Girl” on Bieber’s 2012 Believe album, “Confident” feat. Chance the Rapper) and “What’s Hatnin'” from 2013’s Journals collection. On Friday, Soundz revealed he and the Biebs were in a studio working on a something destined for Like Jordan.

“My current situation… What we doin biebs!????? Yeah we got sumn for em #likejordan” he wrote next to a photo of himself and the crooner shared on Instagram. He then posted three more snaps with the same hashtag.

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Naturally, Justin Bieber fans picked up on the posts, with some asking Soundz for details.

A selection of his Twitter posts, and a retweet, follows.

Whether or not Bieber features on a new song, chorus vocals, rap or spoken word on Like Jordan, it won’t be as an official release on Def Jam, where he is signed. Neither is it likely to end up on his 2015-slated, highly anticipated, solo album.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Bieber’s former girlfriend Selena Gomez’s feature on rumored beau Zedd’s “I Want You To Know” track also rolls out on February 23 and is an official single. It appears to be a coincidence that both are happening the same day, since Soundz has been counting down his mixtape album release — which he controlled and set on a timer — three weeks ago.

On Monday, eager fans will get to hear Zeddlena’s record and Soundz’s mixtape.

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