‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Did Robert Kirkman Reveal Who Dies Next?

The Walking Dead fans are always on edge about their favorite characters dying, and since the show has killed off both Beth and Tyreese in the past few episodes everyone wants to know who the next character to die will be.

According to Movie Pilot, during a recent appearance on @Midnight the late night show hosted by Chris Hardwicke, who also hosts The Walking Dead after-show titled The Talking Dead, the show’s creator and comic book writer Robert Kirkman dropped a huge spoiler that is very likely to be true.

When Chris Hardwicke asked his guests Robert Kirkman, Lauren Cohen, who plays Maggie Green on the series, and Josh McDermitt, who plays Eugene, to say the craziest Walking Dead spoilers they could think of. Scenarios such as Beth comes back as a crime fighting dog and Chris Hardwicke actually playing the character of Michonne made fans laugh, but there were groaning when Kirkman busted out a shocking spoiler.

“Eventually a character named Negan is introduced and he’s going to bash in Glenn’s brains with a baseball bat called Lucille.”

While these were supposed to be fake spoilers, fans of the comic book series know that in the graphic novels there is a character named Negan who does kill Glenn with his baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire which he’s named Lucille.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, in the recently aired episode in which Tyreese dies, Glenn finds a baseball bat and picks it up, and later it’s used to kill a walker. Some fans think that the scene was foreshadowing Glenn’s upcoming death at the hands of Negan.

Meanwhile, other fans are hoping that it’s someone else who will get the wrath of Negan’s bat, as The Walking Dead TV series sometimes uses comic book scenarios, but switches out the characters such as when Hersehel died by being beheaded by The Governor, a fate given to Tyreese in the graphic novels.

However, for now, the gang has a more immediate threat in Aaron, who showed up out of the blue during last week’s episode. International Business Times reports that Rick and the group will see Aaron as a threat, and will debate about whether or not to believe his tales of a community in which he and other survivors live together.

According to the report, viewers can expect a bit of violence in the opening scene of the new episode as Rick will punch Aaron in the face.

What do you think about Robert Kirkman’s possibly huge The Walking Dead spoiler about Glenn’s death?

[Photo By: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]