CW’s ‘Arrow’: Arrow And Firestorm Crossover Confirmed To Be Hoax?

CW’s Arrow, or rather Arrow actor Stephen Amell, is the biggest tease. He is the biggest DC Comics tease that is. His predictions, or desires, for crossovers and new characters tend to attract media buzz and hype. Sadly, not all of his teases, predictions, or even interests pan out to be real.

The Inquisitr reported on Stephen Amell’s crossover predictions and intrigues earlier this month, when the Arrow star suggested crossovers with Supergirl, Gotham, and Constantine were in his the last rounds. Now, Stephen and Robbie Amell teased another big crossover.

The other Amell, Robbie, instagrammed a picture with his cousin Stephen, who was dressed as Arrow and he as Firestorm. His Instagram photo of the two Amells in their CW comic book adaptation outfits with a message, Newsarama reported Wednesday.

Wait. What?!… Enjoy a new #Arrow tonight. @amell wednesdays @amell adventures And remember. #TheDuff comes out tomorrow!! (In select theaters. Everywhere friday!)

For fans of the CW characters, or the actors, this should come as no surprise since Firestorm debuted on The Flash. The Flash did combine the new shows in a crossover, and Robbie Amell teased last October that he would like to see a match up between Arrow and Firestorm, reported.

“It would be so much fun to go over to Arrow for an episode, or have Arrow come over to The Flash for an episode that I could be a part of. My first episode back, I might not even be the only Amell in the episode. But a fight scene would be pretty fun, either with or against my cousin [Stephen].”

So, were these rumors too good to be true, or is Robbie Amell’s Firestorm really coming to Arrow’s Starling City? Well, it was not exactly a real announcement. According to ComicbookMovie, Robbie Amell said he “actually just posted that as a joke.” So, any fans that had their hearts set on Firestorm versus Arrow has to wait a little longer. The sad announcement came early Friday. The Amells were apparently in on the joke together.

He responded “unlikely” to the suggestion that Firestorm would receive his own solo outing because CW “has a lot of shows.” While Robbie Amell did merely tease Firestorm versus Arrow, and poked holes in the notion Firestorm will go solo, he did add further speculation that the Atom would be receiving his own spin-off.

Should you trust Robbie Amell, or Stephen Amell for that matter, on the news of an Atom spin-off? Maybe, only because others have also suggested it.

Will Firestorm make a crossover into CW’s Arrow universe? It is unclear at this time because there is no further speculation or news. However, don’t count anything out with CW and its DC universe.

What are your thoughts? Were you hurt by the news, or did you expect as much? Will Firestorm ever leave the Flash universe? Will Atom have his own outing? Leave your thoughts.

[Image via Instagram/CW]