‘Castle’ Spoilers: The Baby Discussion, A Ryan-Centric Episode And More

Will Castle and Beckett be taking another step on Castle this season? When will the series explore more about what happened when he was missing at the beginning of the season? What’s the plot of an upcoming Ryan-centric episode? The latest spoilers tease answers to those questions and more.

As the Inquisitr previously pointed out, there’s still more to come for Castle and Beckett even though they’re married. For example, what about a baby? They have been talking about children a bit this season, but is Beckett going to be pregnant? Executive producer David Amann addressed that question with TVGuide, and it sounds like talking about children is at least in the couple’s future, in part because Beckett feels she’s in a place to think about the future.

“Beckett is looking ahead. She’s trying to figure out what her next step is, and that encompasses family. She’s been driven for the better part of her adult life by the death of her mother, which is now resolved. Her relationship with Castle is settled, so she’s at a place now where she really needs to be thinking about, ‘What does she want that future to be?’ It seems like children are going to naturally be a part of that discussion.”

For now, however, thinking about a baby might be as far as it goes, but it is a step.

Speaking of babies on the show, remember when Ryan got a second job because paying for college is going to cost a lot? Well, Entertainment Weekly has reported that Amann has teased an upcoming episode that brings up his second job again.

“We have a Ryan-centric episode coming up that’s a dramatic episode. He’s been moonlighting working security and he’s protecting an important person. Something goes horribly awry while he’s doing it, and he gets embroiled in trying to find out what exactly happened.”

In other Castle Season 7 news, if you’ve been hoping that the series would return to the mystery of what happened when the title character disappeared on his and Beckett’s wedding day, Amann told TVLine that while the two-parter touched on it emotionally, an upcoming episode will address it more.

“We touched on the missing time here more in terms of the feeling it was bringing out in the characters… But [seeing the tape Beckett made is] a way in which he can kind of understand the helplessness and difficulty that she went through when he was [gone], and that’s going to stick with him a bit. That will be explored in a greater depth when we get to Episode 20.”

But first, Castle Season 7 is going to be investigating a case that’s somewhat out there when an astronaut training for a trip to Mars is mysteriously killed inside a Mars simulation. Watch the promo for Episode 16, “The Wrong Stuff,” below.

Castle Season 7 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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