GTA V Online Heists Update: New Characters, Possible Release Date

Rockstar hasn’t shared a ton of information about their Grand Theft Auto V Online Heists Update, but a source says that while these Heists have been delayed for a while, it is possible that we have a release date, as well as some more information about the Heists new content, including possible new characters.

According to KDrama Stars, the GTA V Online Heists release date is going to be February 27, 2015. In fact, gamers should be expecting an announcement about it earlier than that. This announcement was apparently expected to come this week, but the week is almost over. While millions of gamers wait anxiously for the release of the online version, Rockstar has made a definitive comment that the PC version will be available on March 24, 2015. Online Versions are usually available prior to the release of the PC version, and nothing different is expected this time.

While gamers are anticipating the release date, there are many new features that are rumored to be coming out in the new version, including environmental factors like avalanches and tsunamis, and now it seems new characters may be added as well. Rockstar Games knows about fans’ expectations, and they have issued a lot of public apology statements about why there has been a delay, and how it will be so worth it when the DLC is finally released. Their apologies have stated in part that is difficult to work out all of the technological difficulties and fine-tune the nuances of the game.

As for the Heists, there has recently heard some information on the Latin Times that doesn’t really talk about what the players will do, but what type of characters will be included. It’s possible that Lester and Jeff won’t be the only ones assigning missions, but brand new character models have been prepared including Trevor, Lester, Chef, Eddie Toh, and Michelle. They might not necessarily be characters the player can work through, but they could be some NPCs (Non-Player Characters.)

DLC weapons have also been included in the leaked information. With that, a list of the weapons players can use is posted. These weapons such as Taser Baton, Kriss Vector from ‘GTA IV,’ a.44 Magnum Revolver, Thermite Bomb, and a Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle are expected to be included in the DLC packs. Gamers will also be able to unlock the ‘Bahamas Mamas DLC’ to access the nightclub in the gameplay, a leak cited by another user of YouTube.

Fans have had differing reactions to the delay. Some are quite frustrated and feel the delay is inexcusable, but many feel that Rockstar has been fair with the information that has been provided and they are simply trying to provide the best gaming experience possible. There’s been quite a bit of discussion on message boards about this topics, with many gamers staunchly defending Rockstar.

What are your thoughts, gamers? Do you believe the leaks?

[Image via Youtube]