WWE News: Further Proof Former TNA Wrestling Star Samoa Joe May Be Making His Way To WWE Very Soon

Former TNA Wrestling star Samoa Joe has been in the news a lot the last few days. Although his departure from TNA was a bit jarring to some, it was not shocking. Joe has been misused in TNA for some time and reports of his unhappiness with them go back to 2010. He has had grumblings since and people assumed that he’d eventually leave for good. He has now followed other TNA Originals, such as Velvet Sky and AJ Styles, who also left the company.

The question was then asked, “Would the Samoan Submission Machine ever end up in WWE?” Many assumed it could never happen due to Vince McMahon not caring for his type. Since Triple H has taken over, not only has WWE hired men similar to him, but Independent stars have been a huge part of the company in the last two years alone. People such as CM Punk, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Daniel Bryan, and more have shown how big a great wrestler can be in WWE.

It has been reported that since he left TNA, Joe has been given praise from several past WWE names, including Stone Cold Steve Austin. However, one piece of news is pretty big in terms of what Triple H thinks of him. Mick Foley brought up a story regarding Samoa Joe to Triple H on his Facebook account. The story is as follows.

“I’d love to see it. A proven commodity given a new surrounding, and possibly a new look could be good for both Joe and ‪#‎WWE‬. I remember running into Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in an airport in 2004, and mentioning I was on the way to a ‪#‎RingOfHonor‬ show. Triple H went out of his way to say that he’d heard that Samoa Joe was a “hell of a worker”. Hopefully Joe will get a chance to show WWE just how impressive he can be in person.”

Samoa Joe TNA

Joe had worked some events for WWE, but things were similar to what Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose did. More so, they were matches to help put over guys. So Joe never got to shine.

While Triple H is trying to stack the WWE with great new talent, he also knows he has to find guys who will work for the WWE future and not just it’s present. While Triple H may indeed like Joe, he does have the issue of knowing Joe is almost 36-years-old. He is one year away from John Cena, who is currently in a program with Rusev where he is called an “old man.”

On the flip side, WWE just brought in international star KENTA, who now goes by the name of Hideo Itami in NXT. Like Finn Balor, another NXT star, he is 33-years-old. So WWE has not had an issue as of late with bringing in people in their 30s. It all depends on if they can fit a role for WWE. Hiring Joe simply because he is a good performer is understandable, but if WWE may never have something for him, then there would be no reason to waste his time.

Many believe that once he becomes available, Triple H will try to bring Samoa Joe in for some sort of try-out. There is no issue in having him work a WWE NXT taping. If he gets over well, there might be an opportunity for him in some capacity. Joe is an excellent ring worker without a large history of injuries in his career. He is also a great mic worker. So WWE might take a chance on him, especially if fans push for it.

[IMG Credit: DeviantArt-theplumber702, bestinwrestling.com]