Jimmy Fallon Pranks Fans With Ben And Jerry’s Ice Cream ‘Machine’ [Video]

Jimmy Fallon is known for his regular stunts on The Tonight Show. Most of the time, they take place on the stage with various celebrities and involve party games.

This time, the talk show host took the game directly to the fans with what appeared at first to be a malfunctioning ice cream machine. This all took place at the Ben and Jerry’s scoop shop, where they told fans to try out the new “Tonight Dough” flavor from a “state of the art ice cream feeding machine.”

What the fans didn’t know was that behind the display, which plainly features a picture of the host, Jimmy Fallon was actually using his arm inside the mechanism.

The guy at the shop told fans to stand in a specific spot, which they were not aware was directly where a camera was pointed, giving Fallon a view of what was happening. Fans were prompted to press the red “button,” and when they did, the arm appeared to slowly extend in the wrong direction.

As the fans attempted to re-position themselves to get the mouthful of “Tonight Dough” ice cream, the arm moved out of the way. This made them try even harder to get the scoop in their mouths.

At some point during this routine, Fallon’s head would come out of the display as the host revealed himself from behind it to get a laugh from the fans.

One fan caught the scoop and then watched as the “machine” started beating the host’s face in the display with the spoon. Another was told to press any two buttons to restart the feeding device, as the spoon then started following his face around. Yet another watched as the scoop literally extended itself straight toward his crotch.

Fallon certainly knows how to get a laugh, even at the fans’ expense. Are you interested in trying Ben and Jerry’s “The Tonight Dough starring Jimmy Fallon”?

[Image via YouTube]