Eddie Murphy Reflects On His ‘Wack Track’ With Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson had a lot of hits, but his work with Eddie Murphy was not one of the them. Jackson and The Nutty Professor star worked together back in 1993 to create the R&B song “Whatzupwitu.”

When speaking with Rolling Stone in January about his new track that is set to be released, Murphy commented that, “And I’m not putting out no track that’s wack.”

Murphy, who is set to release the reggae track “Oh Jah Jah,” was then reminded by the Guardian about the duet with Jackson that completely flopped.

When the Guardian stated, “But most people panned your 1993 single with Michael Jackson, ‘Whatzupwitu,’” Murphy didn’t respond so much on the song as he did on his relationship with Jackson.

Murphy spoke fondly of the duet, saying, “You know, I was dancing around in the clouds with Michael Jackson. However wack anyone thought Whatzupwitu was, there’s not a lot of people that have footage of themselves dancing around in the clouds with Michael Jackson. I do have that for ever.”

Murphy clearly treasured his time working with Jackson and went on to talk about the relationship that the two had before ever collaborating musically.

The 53-year-old actor-turned-musical artist added that he had known Michael for years and openly imitated him in his stand-up routines.

Murphy told the Guardian, “Yeah, I knew Michael for years and years before that track came out,” before going on to talk about his show called Delirious.

“What’s interesting, when you watch that routine from Delirious when I’m doing Michael Jackson jokes, that was actually the first time anybody even did a joke about him. It’s not mean-spirited at all, it’s just all about how he was so sensitive. And then I sang. Michael loved Delirious, it was playful and fun.”

While Jackson and the “Party All The Time” singer never worked on any other music together, Murphy did star in Jackson’s “Remember the Time” video with Iman, Arsenio Hall, and Magic Johnson. Murphy once again shared his admiration for Jackson and the experience with Billboard.

“So I’m sitting there… and I’d been to a Michael Jackson concert before — but when you’re sitting two to three feet from Michael Jackson doing Michael Jackson, it’s a trip.”

Murphy went on to say the effect it had on him to watch Jackson at work, explaining, “He was a frail dude until he does this Michael Jackson thing and then you realize the concept of a spirit world. He’s tapping into a deeper spirit.”

Although Michael Jackson is gone, it is clear to see he is not forgotten by the many who loved and worked with him and that his artistry will be treasured for years to come.

[Photo Courtesy of Youtube]