‘Two and a Half Men’ Finale: No Charlie, Chuck Lorre Has Last Laugh

The one-hour series finale of Two and a Half Men was filled with everything that longtime fans and critics have enjoyed about the show.

That is, of course, except for the people that were hoping to see Charlie Sheen make one last appearance before the final episode of the long-running show ended.


From the very beginning of the episode, it seemed as if Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre may have decided to grant Charlie Sheen’s wish of making an appearance on the finale after all.

The episode began with a “Four Years Ago” flashback of the Charlie Harper funeral scene — which included cameo appearances from his various love interests and an explanation of his “death,” which was delivered by Rose.

However, once the actual episode started, Rose was seen heading into the basement of her home — singing and talking to someone that she had trapped inside of a pit.

Even though the person in the pit did not talk, when Rose tossed the trademark Charlie Harper outfit (bowling shirt and shorts) into the pit, longtime Two and a Half Men fans assumed that Charlie would be making an appearance at some point during the episode.

The main story of the episode was the “return” of Charlie Harper, who apparently never died and was simply being held captive for years after cheating on his wife, Rose, in France.

After breaking free from the pit, Charlie claimed his $2.5 million royalties check to send payments to his biggest love interests and his long-lost daughter, as well as his nephew (who also made a cameo appearance during the episode). Instead of receiving money or gifts from Charlie, Alan and Walden received threatening text messages and questionable packages.

One of the biggest punchlines (and running theme) of the episode was Charlie Sheen. Apparently, there are some burned bridges that can never be rebuilt. Everything from Charlie Sheen’s Twitter rants to the cancellation of his TV series, “Anger Management,” were targeted throughout the broadcast.

“He’ll reflect on his mistakes, apologize to everyone, and then do something even worse.” – Two & a Half Men finale sums up all television — Jaime J. Weinman (@weinmanj) February 20, 2015

Perhaps the biggest smack in the face for the former Two and a Half Men star was when Charlie Harper did seem to make an appearance at the very end of the episode — or at least someone dressed like Charlie with a well-developed wig.

Shortly after ringing the doorbell, the piano that Charlie had delivered to his home via helicopter was dropped directly on his head.

For the final frame of the episode, Chuck Lorre turned around in his director’s chair, stared at the camera, and said “Winning” shortly before being crushed by a piano himself.

Charlie Sheen was apparently telling the truth when he tweeted that he would not be appearing on the series finale of Two and a Half Men.

Chances are, however, that even he was surprised by his last-minute “cameo” and the way that he was killed off on the long-running TV series for the second time.

[Image Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images & Independent]