Man Throws Down Shoplifting Woman In Mall Parking Lot

The shoplifting woman in this video had to learn her lesson the hard way, especially after being slammed onto the ground of the parking lot.

According to the video details and description, the woman was pursued perhaps by an employee or security officer working at Willow Grove mall in Pennsylvania.

The now-viral video, which was apparently filmed by a bystander’s mobile device, starts with the woman being followed by the plain-clothes employee.

Even though she was able to successfully open the driver’s door of her getaway car, the man did not allow her to get much farther than that. He grabbed the shoplifting woman as she opened the door, turned her on her back and slammed her on the ground seconds later.

As he was taking her down, another woman apparently tried to distract the man while he was subduing the shoplifting woman.

“Can you give her her money?”

The second woman was holding a large brown purse, which the man eventually snatched away from her as the shoplifting woman was able to stand up again. The bystander filming the incident seemed to honk their car horn, alerting the women that an eyewitness was recording the full encounter.

The second woman tried to use the filming to distract the man from subduing the shoplifting woman. She even made it seem as if the man was robbing the shoplifting woman.

“Why did you take her money?”

With the large purse in hand, the man seemed to back off slightly — providing the ladies with just enough room to drive off in the getaway car. To clarify things, the man revealed the contents of the large purse to the person filming the incident — and that’s when viewers are able to see that the purse was filled with brand new clothes that still had security tags attached.

@__mochaa: Willow Grove any mall” definitely not herecant be

— Courey(@four_one_ohhh) February 19, 2015

Dont get caught stealing out #willowgrovemall this what they do to u cdfu!!!

— iIIbeatyourkids (@illbeatyourkids) February 19, 2015

The video of the shoplifting woman being slammed to the ground by the persistent employee trying to recover the stolen goods was posted on World Star Hip-Hop Thursday.

[Image Credit: World Star Hip-Hop]