Bruce Jenner Facing Charges? LA District Attorney Asks Cops To Turn Over Investigative Findings

Bruce Jenner may be facing charges as a result of the fatal car crash he was involved in on February 7. The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office has asked investigators to turn over their findings about the case.

A source tells Radar Online the former triathlete could be facing serious charges for his involvement in the crash that killed neighbor Kim Howe.

“The DA’s office has been in contact with investigators handling the Bruce Jenner crash, and have indicated that once it’s turned over to the office, the Major Crimes Division will be reviewing it. Bruce could be facing either misdemeanor or felony involuntary vehicular manslaughter charges because of the death of one of the drivers in the crash.”

The Major Crimes Division, according to the source, are experienced prosecutors who are used to handling high profile cases. The source tells Radar Online is will be weeks to months before the case is handed over to prosecutors.

While Jenner told cops the day of the accident that the driver of the Lexus, Kim Howe, slammed on her brakes without warning, leaving him unable to avoid the accident, a video of the accident captured from an MTA bus has been turned over to law enforcement. According to TMZ, the video of Jenner’s car crash clearly shows the Lexus and the Prius were traveling at a slow rate of speed, but Howe did not slam on her brakes. Once Jenner hit the Lexus, which spun into the other lane and was hit by a Hummer, his Escalade continued on and hit the Prius. This, sources say, is why witnesses say they only heard two crashes. The video also allegedly shows Jenner smoking a cigarette and not paying attention to the traffic in front of him leading up to the fatal crash. Although he has turned over his cell phone records to investigators, there has been no word yet as to whether Jenner was texting or using his phone while driving.

Bruce Jenner has stopped talking to cops about the accident at the advice of his attorney.

A source close to the Kardashians tells US Weekly the reality TV star is “devastated” by what happened on February 7.

“The accident happened right in front of his eyes and he stayed there the entire time watching everything. The woman who passed away was not in good shape and Bruce saw her body being taken out of the car. He knows he wasn’t responsible but he still feels terrible.”

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