‘Star Fox’ For Wii U Will Not Require Motion Controls

With the Wii, Nintendo definitely took a hit when it came to hardcore gamers, something that they’re still feeling the repercussions of right now on the Wii U. In gaining mainstream appeal through the novelty of motion controls, they lost the confidence in competitive gamers, who cared more about precision than cheap gimmicks. From Mario Kart to The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword, the effects of motion controls were felt everywhere in the last generation of their console. While their strategy certainly has changed a bit as of late, there are still a number of titles that use the motion controls that were popularized by the Wii.

Luckily, that isn’t as much of a problem for the Wii U, and Nintendo seems to be intent on giving the users more options than ever to control their games. This is no exception for the upcoming Star Fox game for Wii U, the latest issue of Game Informer reveals (via Wii U Daily).

“Nintendo is planning on bringing Fox McCloud out of retirement for a new entry on the Wii U. Fox will be able to fly his Arwing and seamlessly transform into a tank during certain sequences. Pilots can control the game either with their GamePad’s analog sticks or motion control. The game was very early in development and looked admittedly rough the last we saw of it, but we’re hoping Fox gets the new, grand adventure he deserves.”

Star Fox Motion Controls
Despite what we've seen so far, 'Star Fox' for the Wii U will not require the use of motion controls.

Hardcore gamers will no doubt give a big sigh of relief. There were undoubtedly many who had nightmares of having to hold up the Wii U GamePad and point it at the screen while controlling Fox McCloud’s Arwing. Luckily, that is a fear that we can put to rest here and now.

Star Fox isn’t the only franchise that’ll be making a big splash on the Wii U. Later on this year, The Legend Of Zelda will also be making its Wii U debut (And no, Hyrule Warriors does not count). No release date has been given for either game yet, but it was mentioned by game guru Shigeru Miyamoto that Star Fox would be released before Zelda, and that both will hit the shelves by year’s end (granted there are no hiccups along the way).

Which Wii U title are you looking forward to more, Star Fox or Zelda? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!