‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Spoilers: Annalise’s Mother Arrives, Bonnie Tackles A New Case

Fans were led through some wild twists and turns in the last episode of How to Get Away With Murder, and people cannot wait to see what is in store for them this week. The Season 1 finale airs next week, so most are betting that this penultimate episode will be packed with great developments. What HTGAWM spoilers are available for the February 19 episode?

Thursday’s episode is titled “Mama’s Here Now,” and viewers will get to meet Annalise’s mother. Cicely Tyson tackles the role, and she will be quite the character. The synopsis for this episode teases that Annalise turns to an unlikely source for help, clearly her mother, as she is weighed down by guilt.

Last week, fans expected a wedding ring to be found in the woods and an arrest to be made, but HTGAWM fans were surprised by both reveals. It was Sam’s ring found, not Michaela’s as many anticipated. In addition, it wasn’t one of Annalise’s students arrested. Instead, her lover, Detective Nate Lahey, was taken into custody and his fingerprint was found on Sam’s ring thanks to Frank’s sneaky work.

As this week opens, Annalise is curled up in bed and the students are mostly shaken by all that has transpired. A How to Get Away With Murder spoiler preview from ABC shows that the police want to talk to Rebecca, because Nate’s phone indicates that he talked to her the day that Sam died. Naturally, the group wants to keep Rebecca away from having that conversation with the police.

As someone talks about talking to Annalise, Bonnie pops in and says they have a new case. She’s leading this one, and it looks like an interesting case. The client is a nurse who was accused of rape. The nurse says she gets why people would think she is guilty, but she maintains her innocence.

How to Get Away With Murder spoiler previews show that Annalise’s mom is an intense woman, and she’ll flat-out ask her daughter if she, indeed, killed Sam. Annalise will pull herself out of bed, but she has some strong words to share about her relationship with Sam. Tyson shared with TV Guide that the mother and daughter have a complicated relationship, but viewers will get some insight into it in this episode and the two grow closer by the end of the show.

The two-hour Season 1 finale of HTGAWM airs on February 26, and this week’s episode will surely set the stage for the big ending. The show is coming back for Season 2, and many suspect that the references to Rudy Walker may be setting the stage for the mystery ahead next season.

Who killed Lila? Will Nate really be pinned with Sam’s murder? Was Wes mistaken in where he was placing his trust? Viewers will learn a lot more in Thursday’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder titled “Mama’s Here Now.”

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