Justin Bieber Scared On 'Ellen' In Never-Get-Old Shock Prank Before Superfan Meet

Justin Bieber is normally the prankster in comic scenarios with Ellen DeGeneres. But the tables were certainly turned in hilarious fashion on Friday's edition of her show.

The 20-year-old superstar, who can be expected to appear on the talk show on a weekly basis, was very nearly scared out of his on-set chair after Ellen played a masterful prank on her guest.

Cleverly, she lulled Justin into a false sense of security by first asking about his upcoming public skewering -- a.k.a -- roast.

"Here's what I don't understand that you're doing," the comedienne-host began. "You're getting roasted on Comedy Central. And Kevin Hart is the host?"

Justin affirmed, "He's the Roast Master. He's the Roast Master, yeah."

Continuing the ruse, Ellen continued, "You have to be nervous. You have to be scared, I mean..."

It was that point that a shirtless guy mocked up to look like the Biebs -- complete with fake tattoos and torso, Calvin Klein underwear and blonde hair --- yelled as he jumped up out of a large box placed where the singer and a now laughing Ellen sat.

It's very funny. Check out the clip below.

Justin's reaction was a treat. Pure fight or flight. Raising both hands in horror mini-seconds after the guy jumped up, the singer's first response was "Arghhh!" swiftly followed by three "Oh my God!" and one "Oh my guy!" before he fell back in his chair, eventually lying in it in a state of shock.

A delighted Ellen poked at Justin's white underwear -- no doubt, Calvins -- as he writhed in his chair before sitting upright.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: The pranster becomes the pranked)

"Don't do that to me!" the singer told Ellen, while looking winded. "Oh God! Why me? Ugh! I'm the prankster! Why are you doing this for?"

Justin added, "I'm the prankster. I thought we were together on this."

Ellen's reply? "No! Because I'm not part of the comedy roast [for the record, we're starting to suspect she will be], so this was my only shot at you."

The prank was played back for Justin while Ellen joked that the stunt guy was a "Calvin Klein model."

Justin Bieber
(Photo: The singer watching a playback of his 'scare' moment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show)

As we reported, Justin previously prank called a superfan college student during his guest appearance on Ellen last week. After the jig was up, Ellen invited Jacqueline Melanson to a show taping to meet her idol.

Jacqueline tweeted a reveal of her journey to Los Angeles on Wednesday.

During Friday's show, the superfan was brought out to meet Justin. Cue excited screams as Jacqueline ran straight into the singer's arms. After he offered Jacqueline his seat and she sat freaking out for a while, Ellen asked her, "Why do you love Justin so much?"

What followed was an answer which should silence doubts over the loyalty of the singer's core fan base.

Jacqueline replied, "He honestly has the biggest heart. He cares so much of his fans. He's always doing things for his fans, loves his family, his music is so inspirational!"

"I just love him so much!" she gushed, before Ellen suggested Justin and Jacqueline pose for a poster to add to the many in her bedroom, which was shown on the program.

It may surprise some, but the bond between Justin and his fans still appears to be strong despite his turbulent year-plus. Online chatter from 2013 until now, reveals Beliebers don't believe the singer spat on fans from a Toronto hotel balcony in 2013, during a stop on his Believe tour.

That claim was denied at the time, and since, by the singer's management, who maintain TMZ (and subsequently other outlets) used a picture of fans from Bieber's Instagram with a separate snap of him playing a "loogey game" with pals, unrelated to the fans who later showed up at the hotel.

Notably, there are no available photos which show Justin spitting on fans in an unedited frame. They are all split.

Justin Bieber's fans --- many of whom the Inquisitr has contacted for previous reports --- consider the singer to be attentive and generous to fans with his time and frequently-given gifts.

A sneak preview of the singer's appearance on the DeGeneres-executive produced, new hidden camera show Repeat After Me was also shown on Friday's show. It airs February 24 on the ABC television network and looks wild. See the clip below.

Will Bieber try and get DeGeneres back for her never-get-old prank? Time will tell.

[Images via The Ellen DeGeneres Show]