Stevie Ryan Targets Jenelle Evans On Twitter, Claims Nathan Griffith Never Apologized For Contacting Her

Stevie Ryan is caught up in a love triangle with Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans, and her fiancé, Nathan Griffith.

For the last few weeks, Ryan has been tied to the dramatic pair after she and Griffith exchanged a series of private messages on Twitter. However, Ryan and Griffith are no longer in contact, and Griffith is said to have apologized to Evans for his inappropriate relationship with the actress.

While he and Evans seem to be doing well, according to her latest tweets, Stevie Ryan claims Griffith deleting his Twitter doesn’t prove he is sorry.

“Jenelle deleting his twitter is not apologizing,” Ryan tweeted, according to a report by Radar Online on February 19.

According to the site, Stevie Ryan shared the tweet after reading a previous Radar Online report, which claimed Griffith was regretful over his messages to Ryan. In the report, a source confirmed Evans and Griffith were still together, and insisted Griffith never cheated on Evans, nor did Evans become violent after reading his messages to Ryan.

“Nathan apologized to Jenelle. They are definitely not breaking up and never did. Nathan just says things when he’s mad at Jenelle, that’s all, and she told him it would best if he just stayed offline, so he deactivated his Twitter for now.”

Prior to leaving social media, Griffith broke up with Evans a number of times, via Twitter. Below is one of his many tweets to his fiancee.

Again? Holy hell!

— Taylor (@Lady_Taylor_) February 12, 2015

Evans and Griffith became engaged last month after a year-and-a-half of dating, but their happy news was short-lived, and the pair split weeks later. Then, after a brief reconciliation earlier this month, they called it quits again.

While the pair appear to be back on at this point, the drama surrounding their relationship seems far from over — especially now that Griffith’s messages to Ryan have been circulating on Twitter and around the web.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Griffith shared a series of mean messages about Evans with Ryan.

In one message, as reported by In Touch Weekly, Griffith poked fun at Evans‘ “flabby” body, and claimed he wanted her to begin taking steroids. In other message, Griffith admitted to choking Evans during an argument.

As for Stevie Ryan, she was shocked to read Griffith’s messages, and encouraged him to go to therapy, and get Evans to rehab. She also said Evans was going to get the couple’s son taken away.

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