‘The Young And The Restless’ Recap: Adam Saves Billy, Victor Saves Jack

Fans have had a lot to take in this week on The Young and the Restless. During Wednesday’s episode, a cover-up regarding Austin’s apparent murder was put into place and the Winters family struggled to survive the plane crash. What went down during the February 19 show?

She Knows Soaps shares that as Thursday’s show opened, many people gathered at Crimson Lights as the power went out. Paul says they’ll use that location as a headquarters as they deal with the roof collapse at the Underground.

Dylan worries that Sharon needs stitches after her car accident with Faith. She worries that Nick will find out she was driving at the time of the accident and it’ll cause her to lose Faith. Dylan suggests they call Stitch and head to Crimson Lights.

Chelsea panics as the building explodes where Adam and Billy still are. While Adam remarks that he should leave Billy for dead just as Billy did with him in the car accident, he pulls Abbott up and they head out the door.

At Crimison Lights, Paul tells Sharon and Faith about the Underground collapse. Dylan offers to help with the rescue and Lauren learns of the explosion at the Towers. Victoria panics and notes that the kids are there and she heads over there. Lauren and Michael are relieved that they are okay and that Fen is safe at the cabin. Stitch takes care of Sharon and ensures her he will maintain discretion about the accident.

When Victoria arrives at the Towers, Chelsea tells her that the kids are fine. However, she says that Gabriel and Billy are still in there. Inside, Adam tells Billy that he’s repaying his debt to him. Of course Billy doesn’t understand the meaning of that, thinking this is Gabriel and not knowing his real identity. Adam covers by making up a story about buying furniture.

Chelsea rushes to hug Billy after they emerge from the building and she thanks Adam for saving Billy. Adam remarks that he didn’t head back to Genoa City to die that way, a statement that again he has to cover up in terms of the real meaning. Victoria says she’ll take Johnny and Katherine and tells Billy she’s glad he’s okay, and she tells him about the Underground.

Adam mentions to Chelsea that it seems as if Billy and Victoria belong together, and she calls him a hero. Billy says that Gabriel mentioned something to him about the two being even now, and as Celeb Dirty Laundry notes, the EMT picks up that Adam has a scar from a bullet wound.

Nick and Sage remain trapped and they talk about her marriage. Avery and Joe are also still trapped, and he says he didn’t come back to lose her like this. She asks why he did come back, and he asks if she really wants him gone for forever. Elsewhere, Victor has to do CPR to save Jack, as Abbott’s heart isn’t beating. Jack comes to and Phyllis cries that she loves him.

Jack struggles as he comes to and he mentions Adam’s name. Dylan gets to the Underground and yells to Nick, who says that Nikki and Avery were in the main room. Dylan makes his way to them and soon a fireman appears as well. Joe, Avery and Sage make their way out of the building.

Jack questions why Victor saved him, and Newman says it’s because people he loves happen to love Jack. Victor asks what Jack was trying to say about Adam. Phyllis and Nikki are working to free themselves and Phyllis reaches Jack’s hand. Nick and Dylan are working to reach the others.

Joe, Sage and Avery make their way to Crimson Lights and Stitch checks them out. Dylan and Nick are still working on rescues, and Paul gets a call with notification that the plane with Jill, Neil and the others went down.

What comes next on The Young and the Restless? Spoilers indicate that things will shift back to the plane crash and the cabin for much of Friday’s episode, it seems. Devon tries to figure out if Hilary is breathing while Abby tells Mariah that Summer had the perfect motive to kill Austin: his cheating. In addition, Jack will start to say something about Adam. Does he reveal that Gabriel is really Adam, or at least that Adam is alive?

There have been many twists and turns this week on The Young and the Restless and they’re not over yet. Fans had been teased that one person would die, and many had indeed suspected it would be Austin. Tune in to CBS on Friday, February 20 to see how things are wrapped up this week on The Young and the Restless.

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