Kristen Doute Deleted Twitter? Is The ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Done With Social Media?

Has Kristen Doute deleted her Twitter account? On Vanderpump Rules, Doute has received tons of backlash from her co-stars after setting up a confrontation with Tom Sandoval and Miami girl Annemarie Kunkel. Off-screen, Doute has gotten just as much criticism.

On Twitter on Thursday, news that Kristen Doute deleted Twitter began swirling. On the site, Doute takes a lot of heat for her behavior on the show, and from the looks of things, she’s had enough.

On February 19, Doute told fans she was leaving social media.

“Taking a Twitter break for a bit, babes. wishing everyone love and laughs on your dark days. sending good vibes your way.”

Although the sound of her tweet made it appear that Kristen Doute deleted her Twitter account, the page remains active. However, since telling fans of her social media break, Doute hasn’t updated her page.

Throughout season three, fans have turned on Doute because of her drama-starting ways with her ex-boyfriend Sandoval, and his new girlfriend, Ariana Madix. This in addition to her disrespectful behavior towards her SUR Lounge boss Lisa Vanderpump.

A couple of weeks ago, Doute shocked fans when she engaged in a screaming match with Scheana Marie, during which she told her manager Diana to “f**k off” more than once. After Vanderpump heard about Doute’s comments, she called her into a meeting and let her go after seven years of working together.

While there have been a few reports online, claiming Doute may have recently been hired back, Vanderpump set the record straight during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live earlier this week. During the show, Vanderpump told Andy Cohen she had no plans to bring Doute back to SUR.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Doute is hopeful for a Vanderpump Rules return, despite her firing.

“At this point, we’re three years in and everything that I’ve been through, I put my life on the line for everyone to see. I’d want to continue the journey. I don’t want to throw everything away just because I don’t work at SUR. If there’s a fourth season, I hope they’ll ask me back,” Doute told E! News.

As for her relationship with Vanderpump, Doute said they aren’t quite best friends, but they do communicate.

“I run into her. I go to SUR once in a while, I go to PUMP when James is DJ’ing, I saw her at Scheana’s wedding. Now that she’s not my boss anymore, I can just look at her as someone who guided me.”

If Kristen Doute deleted her Twitter account, fans wouldn’t be completely out of the loop, as the reality star also has an Instagram account.

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