Emily Maynard Defends Britt On ‘The Bachelor’: Chris Soules Made Mistake?

Emily Maynard may be done with her Bachelorette days, but Maynard has been watching this current season of the show. Emily never competed for Chris Soules’ heart, but she can see a genuine guy who just wants to find love and bring his future wife home to his farm in Arlington. This season has been plagued by drama, especially when it comes to Britt Nilsson. But Maynard doesn’t understand why.

Even though Britt was sent home on Monday’s episode of the show, Emily Maynard doesn’t understand why Chris and the other ladies would be so aggressive with her. As far as Maynard is concerned, she was just being honest about Arlington and her feelings about Soules. It is no secret that going through this process is emotional, as contests cry all the time.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Emily Maynard is now revealing that she feels bad for Britt. And Maynard has no problem calling out Carly Waddell, who seems to be spending all of her time hating on her competition.

“I don’t understand why everyone is ganging up on Britt,” Emily Maynard revealed, adding, “Doesn’t seem like she’s done anything other than speak up for herself. Carly is a hater.”

Carly did seem to spend much of her time worrying about what Nilsson was thinking and doing. In her personal interview, it seemed to be more about Britt than about her own feelings in regards to Chris Soules and Arlington. Maybe Emily Maynard can see that Carly is much more immature than expected, since her priorities appear skewed.

When she told Chris about Nilsson’s feelings in regards to Arlington, he appeared grateful for her advice. But it is interesting that he would listen to someone who just wanted to take another woman down in this race for love. Emily Maynard may know that Chris appreciated the knowledge, but it is odd that he would send her home, given she was just being honest about her feelings.

Honesty is something that Emily Maynard places high on her list, and she sent people home on her season of the show when she felt people were not honest with her. So, it is understandable that Emily is in full support of Britt.

“I told him I was shocked about [Arlington], which I was,” Nilsson revealed during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel this week, adding, “I feel like I’m the only person that was honest about it.”

And perhaps she is right about that. According to the Inquisitr, Chris Soules and his final lady may be in trouble as there have been reports of them not lasting in the long run. The issue could be Arlington, and the remote location.

What do you think of Emily Maynard’s thoughts? Are you surprised that Emily is supporting Britt?

[Image via ABC]