Iggy Azalea ‘Problem’ With Social Media: Rapper Calls The Internet ‘The Ugliest Reflection Of Man Kind’

Iggy Azalea has a problem with social media lately. The Australian rapper stated on Twitter last night that she is not going to be interacting with people on the internet for a while.

The decision followed her return from a vacation with the Los Angeles Lakers player Nick Young, during which the paparazzi grabbed a picture of her in a bikini. Criticism arose centering around her appearance in the image, trashing the way she looks, and apparently that was all Iggy Azalea needed to decide that she’s done with the internet.

“Just got back from a great vacation, came online and saw apparently it’s shocking and unheard of to be a woman and have cellulite. Lol. I just want to have peace and relaxation time without a [perv] with long distance [lens] hiding out taking pictures, everyone deserves peace. I feel the hatred and pettiness [I] see online at all times [and it’s] making me become an angry person and I cannot be that. To become nasty because of the way I feel [I am] treated would be a disservice to my fans and I promise [I] will try to keep smiling. But I also want to let my fans know [I am] taking some time away from social media. I need to be happy and it is too negative and draining.”:

“My management will tweet/run my accounts from today [onward] with updates etc unless any message is signed -IA. Love you all. Peace out!”

“The Internet is the ugliest reflection of man kind there is.”

Azalea may have a point about the internet being full of negativity. If you spend more than five minutes on any popular social media website such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, you will probably encounter people who feel the need to simply make everybody angry and have a laugh at their expense.

Jimmy Kimmel even used that fact as fuel for a series of segments about celebrities reading mean tweets about them in front of the camera. One of the latest segments included one about Iggy Azalea herself, though she actually laughed it off. Apparently. that one tweet was only one of probably a myriad of negative tweets about or toward the “Fancy” rapper.

Azalea was also the center of a battle with Papa John’s Pizza after an employee allegedly gave out her phone number. The pizza chain apologized for the actions of its employee, but it was probably more fuel for Azalea’s decision last night.

What do you think of the Iggy Azalea problem with social media and her announcement that she’s taking a break?

[Photo by Ian Gavan/ Getty Images]