Rihanna Is Dating Who? Bad Girl RiRi Plays The Field

Who is Rihanna actually dating? She’s been the focus of so many romance rumors over the course of the past couple of years, it’s hard to keep up with one name from the other. Especially if you actually believe what gossip rags are publishing about the “Diamonds” singer. For the longest time the blogosphere has been obsessed with the notion that RiRi has been seeing Leonardo DiCaprio, but The Daily Mail says she’s seeing someone else — Leo’s BFF.

New reports claim that RiRi is actually dating Richie Akiva, who is very close friends with DiCaprio and who hangs out with Jay Z and a handful of others that are in Ri’s circle of friends and colleagues. So if you go by these claims, Rihanna’s sneaking around with Leo DiCaprio has been nothing at all worth noticing. Of course, Leo and Ri were still spotted making out back around New Year’s, so what gives?

Also, US Magazine reports that DiCaprio and the “Diamonds” singer spent Valentine’s Day together, and his BFF wasn’t anywhere in sight during the intimate dinner. In fact, they spent most of Valentine’s day weekend together, even if it was spent dodging paparazzi and taking separate vehicles to the same locations. So it just doesn’t really seem believable that she’d be dating Leo’s friend, when it’s been Leo that she’s been spotted with all these times.

There is also the possibility that Rihanna is simply playing the field. She’s stated more than once that she is “single and not looking,” especially after her latest failed romance with Drake after another failed attempt at rekindling her relationship with Chris Brown. If Rihanna is seeing both DiCaprio and any of his friends casually, then that’s all her business — even though the gossip rags are going wild over the possible relationship endeavors she may explore. Lately Ri has been accused of getting in between two different marriages as well. The rumor mill has even produced claims that she is trying to get between Kanye and Kim somehow, making the famed reality star jealous. The facts of the matter aren’t really known, though.

Do you think Rihanna is really dating Leonardo DiCaprio’s friend, or is this just more nonsense produced by the rumor mill? It seems a little unrealistic to believe that the singer is out going on countless dates with all of these guys while finding time to drive a wedge between not only Kim and Kanye, but Beyonce and Jay Z as gossip rags have claimed. With all that time spent romancing the world, how would she ever make music or live appearance? Who is Rihanna actually dating, if anybody?

[Photo: Huffington Post]