‘Empire’ Spoilers: Lucious Reveals The Truth In ‘Our Dancing Days’

The new Fox show Empire is winning over viewers left and right, and this star-studded cast seemingly has a lot of tricks up its sleeve for the rest of the season. Episode 7 of the debut season airs on Wednesday night and fans are anxious for Empire spoilers. What can viewers expect?

The February 18 episode is titled “Our Dancing Days.” Lucious is aiming to present Empire Entertainment as a family-run, tight-knit brand. However, that will complicate things even further between Jamal and Hakeem. Anika and Cookie are doing whatever it takes to win out in their separate quests to control the company.

As viewers saw last week, the family was given a shocker via a mystery woman named Olivia who says that Jamal is her daughter’s father. This week, there are more surprises in store involving Olivia. TV Guide teases the Empire spoiler that Raven-Symone’s character of Olivia will be revealed to be Jamal’s former wife.

Jussie Smollett, who plays Jamal, says that the wedding was just a sham. It seems he married Olivia because he felt he had to, and it was part of Lucious’ attempts to control Jamal’s life in those days. So, does that mean that Jamal is really the father of Olivia’s child?

The timing of Olivia returning, of course, is suspect given how Jamal is just starting to hit it big. There may be worries that Olivia is a gold-digger, but Smollett teases that things go much deeper than an ex-wife showing up for a money grab.

Obviously, Olivia’s appearance and the claim that Jamal is the little girl’s father complicates things even further for Jamal and Michael. While Jamal may not be ready to come out any time soon, it seems he may at least come to accept who he is for himself at some point soon.

The Empire spoiler preview teases that Lucious gets quite sick in this episode, and he won’t be able to keep his illness hidden any longer. He finally tells the family the truth and fans cannot wait to see the reactions play out.

As creator Lee Daniels teased via E! Online, there are plenty of big guest stars ahead yet, including Rita Ora and Jennifer Hudson, and a lot of surprises that viewers won’t be able to believe. Where is it all headed? Will this show continue to be a smash hit for the network? Tune in to Episode 7 of Empire airing on Fox on Wednesday, February 18 to find out.

[Image via Chuck Hodes/Fox]