Kendall Jenner Bullied? Two Models Allegedly Make Fun Of Her Looks On Instagram

Kendall Jenner NYFW

Kendall Jenner may have been bullied again at Fashion Week. Some models previously stubbed their cigarettes in Kendall’s tea, reportedly, according to Cosmopolitan magazine. Kendall later denied these rumors, but it turns out not to be a rumor after all. Some models are going full on Mean Girls and making fun of Kendall’s looks.

German Vogue shared an Instagram photo of Kendall backstage at the Donna Karan show earlier this week. As screencapped by a member on the celebrity gossip site ONTD, the photo also came with its share of shady and snarky remarks from two other models.

In the photo show, the aspiring model is getting her hair and makeup done. People were commenting that it wasn’t the most flattering image of Jenner used. Model Lexi Boling wrote that Jenner “never looked better” with the crying and laughing emoji. Model Binx Walton replied “that’s f***ed up” with more crying and laughing emojis.


According to Styleite, both models have removed their comments from the Instagram post. Vogue Germany has also refused to remove the photo of Kendall from their account. Lexi Boling also posted an apology via Ford Models. She announced: “I wasn’t thinking and made a silly comment. Kendall’s had a killer NYFW. A big congrats to her!”

Both Boling and Watson have been dubbed as rising stars for some time. They are models that had to work hard to get where they are, while Jenner lucked out over the past year. The reality star was given the chance to walk in the Alexander Wang show. Kendall is also reportedly modeling for an exclusive Alexander Wang campaign.

The older Jenner isn’t just competing with other models these days. She’s also competing with her older sister, Kim Kardashian. According to a recent Inquisitr report, the two sisters are competing so much that Jenner doesn’t want Kardashian to attend her fashion shows.

Kendall allegedly feels that the media shifts their attention on Kim whenever she’s at a show. “If they were sitting front row, it would have been all about, ‘Oh, Kim goes to Kendall’s first fashion show!'” Jenner allegedly said.

Jenner can’t seem to catch a break. Models claim her success was not earned and was only a result of her famous last name. Transgender model Arisce Wanzer even penned an open letter saying Kendall didn’t work as hard as her colleagues and didn’t deserve to be in runway shows. Now, she has to compete with Kim Kardashian when it comes to getting attention at Fashion Week.

Do you think that Kendall Jenner can’t seem to catch a break in the fashion industry?

[Image: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Marc by Marc Jacobs]