Jade Roper Talks ‘Bachelor’ Experience: Was She Surprised And Who Should Chris Soules Pick?

Jade Roper of ABC's 'The Bachelor' talks season with Chris Soules

Jade Roper was sent home by Chris Soules during Monday night’s episode of ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season. While Chris and Jade had some great dates, after the hometown dates Soules gave roses to Whitney Bischoff, Becca Tilley and Kaitlyn Bristowe over Jade. After her elimination, Jade chatted with Good Morning America about how it all played out.

As Bachelor fans know, Jade spent much of the season seeming like a quiet and shy girl-next-door. She had a big surprise for Chris Soules during her hometown date though. A couple of years ago, Jade did some nude modeling for Playboy. Roper even pulled out a laptop and showed Chris the photos and a video online as she broke the racy news to him.

Chris blogged that his decision to send Jade hope didn’t have anything to do with the Playboy pictures. Rather, he said, he was a bothered by how her family described her so differently from what he had experienced with her.

In addition, Soules really thought about how Jade’s brother said she wouldn’t truly be looking to move to a small farm in Iowa. Despite all of those doubts, Soules wrote for People that he did worry that he was making a big mistake by sending Jade home.

Jade tells Good Morning America that she was very surprised that she didn’t get a rose after her hometown date, as she thought things had gone well. She says that she would like to believe that Chris was being honest about the Playboy photos not mattering.

As for living on a farm, Roper says she grew up on a farm and during her hometown date viewers got to see her family who still lives in Gering, Nebraska. She says that she has always pictured that kind of life for her children, despite the fact that she lives in Los Angeles these days.

Now that she’s out of the picture this season on The Bachelor, which lady does Roper think is the best match for Soules? Chris will be taking Kaitlyn, Becca and Whitney to Bali for overnight dates and the final rose ceremony is just around the corner.

Jade says that she spent quite a bit of time with Whitney during filming and they were roommates for a good portion of the time. Roper says that she thinks Whitney is the right one for Chris and that Bischoff’s heart is fully into the experience for the right reasons.

Will Jade’s pick for Chris get Soules’ final rose? What will come next for Roper? Many say they’d love to see her as the Bachelorette 2015 lead while others are hoping she’ll join the cast of Bachelor in Paradise Season 2.

Viewers will hear more from Jade Roper, most would imagine, during the Bachelor “Women Tell All” special with Chris Soules coming up soon. Did Chris make a big mistake in letting Jade go during The Bachelor 2015 season?

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