Apple Virtual Reality Headset Coming: Watch Out Samsung Gear VR

Apple has been granted a patent for a virtual reality headset. Time reports on what could be another huge success for Apple.

“The company has been granted a patent for a head-mounted virtual reality device that would use the iPhone screen as the display. Apple first applied for the patent back in 2008, meaning VR has been on the company’s mind for a while.”

It’s quite possible that Apple and the brand’s fans will claim the headset to be the first. Remember when the iPod was supposedly the first MP3 player? Remember when the Apple iPhone was supposedly the first smartphone? However, Apple would be following in the footsteps of Samsung, who has released the Gear VR for the Galaxy Note 4. The reviews have been very positive. PC World describes why the Gear VR provides a very satisfying virtual reality experience.

“Content can be viewed through the Oculus interface, which does a good job of showing off what this virtual reality set can do. The definition in the majority of content isn’t crystal clear (even after adjusting the focus), but it’s clear enough to provide a great experience. Furthermore, the drawing of the content appeared mostly seamless as we looked around the various environments we put ourselves into.”

When Apple does release a virtual reality headset, their current iPhone screen resolution needs to improve. Even though the Galaxy Note 4 has a Quad HD screen, users of the Gear VR can still see a “barn door effect” since the screen is right in front of their faces. The iPhone 6 has a 1334 x 750 pixel resolution display and the iPhone 6 Plus has a full 1080p HD display — both not good enough for virtual reality. Apple is rumored to include a Quad HD screen on its upcoming iPhone 6s Plus smartphone, but they would still be behind the times.

However, Apple could do for virtual reality what Samsung can’t – make it mainstream. Once Apple latches onto something, the mainstream goes along. Apple can also provide more virtual reality apps than Samsung can. Though people who purchased the Gear VR love their device, many have complained about the lack of content, which Samsung says will improve soon.

It’s important to note that Apple had a patent for a 3D display that never saw the light of day back in 2011. Apple likely backed out when the 3D phase died down. However, virtual reality has a lot more promise than 3D and it appears to be taking off, even if it is happening slowly. Are you excited about an Apple virtual reality headset? Tell us in the comments section.

[Image Mockup by Daryl Deino]