Beyonce Unretouched Photos From 2013 Cause Controversy Online

Beyonce fans and haters are trolling the internet in full force this week as leaked photos of Queen Bey have been posted on the internet, and they aren’t the most flattering.

According to Nylon, the photos are from a 2013 L’Oreal photo shoot the singer posed for and prove that she’s not some perfect cookie cutter woman, she’s actually human, and fans should commend her for that, not tear her down.

However, the internet haters never seem to go away, and they’ve been out strong since the Beyonce photos were released online. According to Complex, the photos show that Bey has some blemishes, acne, and wrinkles which most people have, but because she’s such a famous mega star she has tons of pressure to look perfect all the time.

“She looks like a cigarette smoker.”

“That’s Beyonce? Oh wow.”

Since Bey has a little bit of a reputation for being diva-like, she may get pretty upset over these leaked photos, but come on. She’s a real woman with a demanding career, famous husband, and the mother of a young child. What are fans supposed to expect?

Meanwhile, Beyonce just can’t seem to stay out of the headlines whether she likes it or not. There have been rumors that her marriage to Jay-Z is on the rocks after they’ve allegedly been seen arguing and new reports that Jay has a 21-year-old secret son.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kanye West has also had a big part of keeping Beyonce’s name in the news as he recently stormed the stage at the Grammy Awards when Beck won a big award over Beyonce. It seems Kim Kardashian’s husband thought that Bey should have been given the award, which is similar to the same situation that happened at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards when Taylor Swift won for best video over Beyonce and West too the stage, ripped the microphone out of Taylor’s hands and said that Bey should have won, leaving Swift stunned.

Fans may have thought Kanye West’s stunt was funny, but Beyonce was reportedly embarrassed by it.

“Beyonce and her team have worked very hard to put out the exact image they want out there – it’s super-controlled and managed and manicured. So for Kanye to jump up on stage without it being planned or part of a discussion is exactly the type of drama Beyoncé did not want with Kim and Kanye and the tabloid lives they live.”

What do you think about Beyonce’s unretouched photos and latest drama?

[Photo by Kena Betancur/Getty Images]