‘The Bachelor’ 2015 Spoilers: Chris Soules’ Final Rose Confirmed By Reality Steve, But Will They Last?

Reality Steve re-confirms Chris Soules' final rose on 'The Bachelor' 2015 season

Soon viewers of ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season will see Chris Soules’ final rose ceremony. Reality Steve‘s spoilers have already revealed which gal is the last one standing, but fans and tabloids have questioned his Bachelor spoilers. In his latest blog post, Steve re-confirms his spoilers and gives some insight on whether he thinks Chris and his final gal will make it down the aisle.

Reality Steve‘s spoilers have said that Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff get engaged in the Bachelor finale and he stands by that spoiler. He adds that nothing wild and crazy happens in the finale regarding the last rose ceremony and elimination.

Fans know now that the final three are Whitney, Becca Tilley, and Kaitlyn Bristowe and they will all head to Bali for overnight dates. Steve’s Bachelor spoilers indicate that Chris will keep Becca and Whitney, sending home Kaitlyn in the rose ceremony in Bali.

Though there have been plenty of rumors and people saying he’s wrong, Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that Chris and Whitney are still together and engaged. However, he doesn’t necessarily see this relationship working out for the long term. In fact, Steve has said more than once, and says it again in his newest blog post, that he doesn’t see Whitney and Chris ever getting married.

Will Whitney move from Chicago to Arlington, Iowa? While earlier in the season Steve had said that it seemed she was willing, now he indicates that it’s not really known. He does say that he thinks Bischoff is in for a rude awakening in terms of truly living in Arlington. While Becca and Kaitlyn got to see a bit of Arlington during their trip to Iowa, Whitney spent her date with Chris in Des Moines. However, by now of course she’s gotten a better feel for the area if she is indeed engaged to Chris.

While the show made Arlington look essentially like a ghost town, TMZ says that city clerk Mary Jo Brown insists that the town was portrayed unfairly. She says that there are plenty of job opportunities along with a community center and parks that indicate the city has plenty of life.

Brown adds that the show was shot in Arlington on a weekend, whereas filming on the weekday would have shown more activity and open businesses. Those may be fair points, but it is still likely accurate to say that Arlington will have a very different feel compared to Chicago, where Whitney currently lives, or even Des Moines, where her big date was with Chris in Sunday’s episode.

Will Reality Steve’s spoilers about Chris and Whitney be accurate? Word has it that locals in the area of Chris’ hometown already have been buzzing about Soules’ pick separate from Steve’s spoilers and indicate that Whitney is indeed his pick. Will the couple end up walking down the aisle, like Desiree and Chris recently did, or split after a few months like Andi and Josh? Fans will find out soon enough as ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season with Chris Soules nears the finale.

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