WWE News: WWE Superstar Seth Rollins Set To Fail At Cashing In Money In The Bank Due To Nude Photo Controversy?

Rollins DA

As we’ve all heard by now, WWE Superstar Seth Rollins ran into a big controversy last week during WWE RAW. Nude pictures of Rollins and an NXT Diva in training were posted online. Rollins’ social media accounts were allegedly hacked by his fiancee who posted photos of Zahra Schreiber, a recently signed WWE Diva. On Twitter, Rollins’ fiancee then responded to Rollins’ tweet with Zahra’s picture with pictures of her own of a nude Seth Rollins.

It was a big deal for the both of them as Zahra’s image ended up on WWE.com, and it was said to have infuriated WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon. While WWE knows Rollins was not behind either picture being leaked to the internet, there is a thought that had Triple H not been there things might have gotten worse for Rollins. However, things may still not go his way.

Cageside Seats reports that WWE may have Rollins fail when he cashes in his Money in the Bank briefcase in the future. It mainly is due to the nude photos going around. This is probably a Vince McMahon thought, but Triple H could end up changing this to allow Rollins a chance at getting the WWE World Title. There is a rumor going around that Rollins could fail and then somehow win the next Money in the Bank match. He would only be the second man to win this match back to back.

This would allow him to fail and still have a chance at cashing the case in down the line. However, WWE would have to be completely sold on giving Rollins the gold for this to happen.

While many feel that Rollins is one of the best pro-wrestlers in the world, the idea is that despite his amazing work over the last year, he still does have a controversy following him. Due to his age, WWE still has a long time to build him. They know they have a blue chip talent with Rollins, and Triple H alone is a huge fan. Triple H has been sold on Rollins ever since he was part of the developmental system.

Since he came in with The Shield, Rollins has been very impressive. Once The Shield disbanded, Rollins continued to prove how great of a talent he is. Dubbed “the future” by WWE, Rollins could indeed be the answer to what WWE could be in the near future with a Triple H and Stephanie McMahon run brand. At the end of the day, whether Rollins fails in his cash-in attempt or not, he is by no means going downhill any time soon. WWE may just want the picture controversy to blow over before.

It just so happens that this nude photo controversy came within just a few months of the time Rollins must cash-in his case. If this would have happened last year, WWE may not even contemplate the thought of having him fail at cashing in. However, now with WWE’s press as high as ever….the controversy will be brought up, and fans won’t forget about it for a while. So WWE may decide to wait on the Rollins push for now regardless.

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