‘Sorry For The Weight’ Drops From Chief Keef, Twitter Goes Wild – Spinrilla Removes Album That SoundCloud Loads

Indeed, the “AlmightySo” Twitter account announced the new mixtape via Twitter around midnight, and linked to an Instagram post of Chief Keef that announced the same message on Instagram that Chief Keef wrote on Twitter about his impending “Sorry For the Weight” mixtape release.

“Sorry 10:17 a.m. For all the early birds and money getters!”

Apparently according to the heated Twitter response for “Sorry For the Weight,” fans of Chief Keef seem to like what they have heard thus far, that is, if they are able to get on Spinrilla and listen.

“Spinrilla keep crashin cuz everyone tryna get Sorry for the Weight”

“Spinrilla took sorry for the weight off.”

“I’m listening 2 Chief Keef – ‘Sorry for the Weight.’ This is one of the FEW times I’ll make an exception to listen to savages during the week”

“Sorry For The Weight Cool [A-Okay Emoji]”

“Chief Keef did his thang on Sorry For The Weight.

Chief Keef “Sorry for the Weight” low key go in.

“Sosa Chamberland” is the best song on “Sorry For The Weight”@ChiefKeef

Not all of the people who hear the Chicago-loving Chief Keef are feeling “Sorry For the Weight,” however, and are making their views and bad reviews known on Twitter as well about the “Chi-raq” lyrics of the 19-year-old Keef.

“I heard one song on sorry for the weight and I turned it off.”

Sorry For the Weight is trash.

Lmao Chief talked so damn much on sorry for the weight

Three days prior to the “Sorry For the Weight” mixtape dropping, Chief Keef and Andy Milonakis shared “No Hook Gang” ahead of the “Sorry for the Weight” mixtape buzz, as reported by Music Times‎ – a publication that noted the “No Hook Gang” wouldn’t appear on the “Sorry For the Weight” mixtape.

[Image via “Sorry For The Weight” Instagram Post by Chief Keef]