Android To Get More Developers In 2012 Than iOS [Report]

Android and iOS continue to be the two largest in terms of smartphone and OS market share. Over the years, the majority of app developers have built apps for iOS first, and then, just maybe, built apps for Android.

According to a new report, that’s going to change this year. Frankly, it’s not too surprising considering that they command a large amount of market share and are a very popular option. This is, of course, great news for smartphone users. While the iPhone has a wide range of great quality apps, it won’t hurt for more of that goodness to come over to the other side.

“More app developers are going to go “Android first” over Apple’s iOS this year, according to a survey by research firm Ovum. While there is a legitimate chance of this happening, we will believe it when we see it. It often seems like analysts are shooting in the dark with these types of proclamations, no matter what kind of survey data they collect.”

“All the corollary evidence suggests that developer interest will overtake that of iOS. More Android devices are shipped and activated across the world every day than iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. The Android Market is growing rapidly. Analyst firms love this type of parallel data. But will reality catch up with theory?”

Being that we’ve just started 2012, we won’t know for certain until the year starts to heat up. With that said, it’s sure to be a great year otherwise.

Will more develop for Android this year or with the iPhone closing in on their market share, with the trend stay the same?