Leah Messer’s Daughters Looked ‘Inappropriate’ During Cheerleading Showcase, Claims Psychologist

Leah Messer’s daughters, Ali and Aleeah, recently participated in a cheerleading showcase. Unfortunately, the Teen Mom 2 children’s attire has led to some harsh comments from a psychologist, who felt their looks were “too mature.”

Following last weekend’s showcase in Charleston, West Virginia, psychologist Dr. Judy Kuriansky spoke to Radar Online, claiming on February 18 that Ali and Aleeah’s red lips, bikini tops and tiny shorts weren’t appropriate for five-year-old girls.

“They are being pushed to dress sexy. The fit and level of exposure is inappropriate for pre-adolescent girls. It seems the dance teachers are trying to garner attention.”

Dr. Kuriansky even claimed Aleeah, especially, was posing provocatively.

“She’s sticking her stomach out and tilting her head, while Ali looks like a shy little girl.”

In response to Dr. Kuriansky’s comments, several fans spoke out in the comments section. Below are a couple of their comments:

“There is nothing sexy or provocative about a five year old no matter what they are wearing. If you think so then it’s you that have the problem.

“Not any worse than pageant kids or dance moms. Mothers please let your little girls be just that. Little girls.”

In other Leah Messer news, the Teen Mom 2 star is facing a reported investigation into her salon, Gloss. Weeks ago, Messer announced she and two friends had launched a new company, which would provide makeup, hair and beauty pageant services on the go. A short time later, the company was said to be operating illegally by offering services they weren’t qualified to do, and failing to have a store that clients could visit.

Although Messer and her business partners have claimed they’ve done nothing wrong, they seemingly admitted their fears when they shut down their Be Glossy website.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Leah Messer’s site became inaccessible earlier this month, just after investigation reports surfaced. On the site, Messer was listed as “owner” and “stylist.”

On February 10, Gloss’s Facebook page shared a message with fans, stating they had run into a setback, but still believed in the future of their company.

“We will protect our reputation and ourselves. This is a future career we believe in. Thank you for the support. Success doesn’t come without setbacks and haters. We aren’t afraid of either.”

Leah Messer and her family, including ex-husband Corey Simms, are set to return to MTV in Teen Mom 2 season six, which will likely premiere later this year.

[Photo via Facebook]