Kanye West Reveals: ‘I’d Like To Be The Steve Jobs Of The Gap’

Kanye West is one person who speaks his mind freely; whether it’s regarding his views on a certain matter, or his family, Kanye is not one to mince his words.

So when he sat down with Style.com following the debut of his Adidas Originals collection on the New York Fashion Week runway, Kanye came out with some surprising revelations, even by his standards.

West revealed to the publication that he had dreams of being the head creative director of The Gap, as he said, “I’d like to be the Steve Jobs of The Gap.”

While that’s probably the last thing anyone expected the rapper and father-of-one to say, Kanye West continued in a drawn out rant about himself, which we’ve shortened in order to spare you wading through the entire bloated mess.

“You guys know my fu****g influences. I’ve got four influences and it’s written all over the face, you know the combination. Just as much as Drake is influenced by Kanye West, you know my fu****g influences. It’s blatantly right there. I’m not going to try and act like I was influenced by a fu****g dog walking down the street that broke its ankle that I had a heartfelt discussion with. I had a heartfelt discussion with all of these fu****g Helmut Lang images that I stared at for so many years. I had a heartfelt discussion with my Tumblr.”

Apart from using the F-word more than three times, West’s rant is not easy to understand, so don’t feel bad if you have no idea what he’s going on about in the above quoted text.

The writer of this article also can’t see the point of what he was saying, apart from something to do with “fu****g dogs.”

Regarding his new Adidas collection, the reviews have been less than complimentary, with The Cut and Bloomberg being highly critical of his designs.

Obviously, with an ego and warped self-image like Kanye West has, those negative reviews don’t bother him as he told reporters, making a bit more sense this time.

“I don’t read the reviews, because it’s some kind of backhanded compliment or something focusing on not the main point. It was really difficult to do this. It would be difficult to make a proposition this simple for any designer. So many people told me that it had to have logos or it had to have this, but I fought for exactly what I wanted in my closet.”

For his part, West agrees that the first run of his new line is a little overpriced, as he said it’s, “not as cheap as I would like it to be,” adding that he hoped the garments would be “super-inexpensive” enough so that anyone could afford them.

(Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)