Lana Del Rey Was Sent To Boarding School To Sober Up

In an interview with Inquirer Entertainment, Lana Del Rey got real and admitted that she was “very wild.”

“I was very wild” Lana Del Rey recalls boarding school past and what inspires her to sing:-

— Elvira Hancock (@ElviraXMontana) February 17, 2015

Del Rey stated that from a young age she had a problem with alcohol and that she didn’t see it until she realized she “liked it more than I liked doing anything else.”

The New York native, whose real name is Elizabeth Grant, started drinking because she, “thought the whole concept was so f—ing cool.”

Del Rey admitted to drinking every single day by herself. She refers to that time in her life as her “wilderness years.” The “Born to Die” singer admitted that her parents became increasingly worried.

Del Rey explained her addiction.

“At first it’s fine…you think you have a dark side—it’s exciting—and then you realize the dark side wins every time you decide to indulge in it. It was the worst thing that ever happened to me.”

Her parents stepped in and sent Del Rey to a boarding school in Kent, Connecticut, “hoping she would get sober.” The then 15-year-old left her home in Lake Placid and began attending Kent School.

Del Rey admitted that this difficult period in her life ended up being the inspiration behind her first album, Born to Die. The singer/song writer admits that even during her darkest hours, she still “wanted to be creative” and “needed direction.”

Del Rey has had a long history with music and performing. The Catholic raised “Brookyn Baby” admitted to being a cantor in her church’s choir, adding that she “just really liked to sing.”

It appears that her time in Kent School and her love for music brought her through a dark period. Del Rey, who graduated in 2003, released her latest album, Ultraviolence in June of last year and recieved rave reviews.

The Arbiter stated, “Lana Del Rey appears at her most masterful and most complicated on her second album, Ultraviolence.”

“Her powerful tone is fueled by her even stronger lyricism,” as she introduces us to “a cast of broken women, femme fatales, victims, predators and even an aging socialite in this concept album.”

Want to catch this “wild” artist live? Lana Del Rey will be touring in North America as part of her “Endless Summer Tour” starting in May.

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