Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Dez Bryant Not Happy About Team’s Plans To Use Franchise Tag On Him

The Dallas Cowboys are rumored to be using the franchise tag on free agent Dez Bryant, and the wide receiver isn’t too happy about it.

With just a little more than two weeks until free agency starts, the Cowboys are starting to prioritize which pieces they will be able to keep. With both Bryant and running back DeMarco Murray hitting free agency, the team likely won’t have the money to keep them both and are heavily considering using the franchise tag on Bryant.

”We’re usually able to accomplish what we need to accomplish and the question just becomes strategy,” Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said. ”Do you want to push money out in order to have money now? We’ll just have to make good, sound decisions.”

That plan might just give the Cowboys the room needed to re-sign Murray, but it wouldn’t go over well with Dez Bryant. The franchise tag would mean he makes about $13 million next season, pushing back what would likely be a $30-$40 million deal for at least another year.

The situation has Bryant upset, and reportedly considering sitting out of the team’s offseason workouts.

Dez Bryant has started to show some public signs of discontentment as well. On Tuesday, a fan on Twitter told Bryant that he loved how committed the wide receiver was to the Cowboys, and Bryant responded: ”I wish They felt the same way but it’s cool”

There is still a chance the sides come together for a deal. The Dallas Cowboys have been meeting with Bryant’s agent, Tom Condon, and the sides will be meeting again this week at the NFL’s annual scouting combine.

But despite the moody statements and threats to sit out of offseason activities, there are rumors if the Dallas Cowboys do use the franchise tag, Dez Bryant will ultimately come back to the team and handle the situation “like a pro.”

[Image via Dallas Cowboys Official Twitter]